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WORK ORDER NUMBER S-1 <br />TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY SERVICES FOR THE PROPOSED NORTH <br />RELIEF CANAL STORMWATER TREATMENT FACILITY <br />PART 1 - SCOPE OF WORK <br />The COUNTY has requested that the CONSULTANT provide professional topographic and <br />mapping surveying services for the COUNTY's proposed North Relief Canal Managed <br />Aquatic Plant System. The Work is more particularly described in Exhibit A, included <br />herein. <br />PART 2 - COMPENSATION AND PARTIAL PAYMENTS <br />1. Compensation <br />The COUNTY agrees to pay and the CONSULTANT agrees to accept, a not -to -exceed fee <br />of $18,750 for services rendered according to Part 1 of this Work Order and as <br />summarized in Exhibit A. Additional services shall be at the hourly rates as set forth in the <br />Agreement. <br />2. Partial Payments <br />The COUNTY shall make monthly partial payments to the CONSULTANT for all <br />authorized work pertaining directly to this project performed during the previous calendar <br />month. The CONSULTANT shall submit invoices monthly for services performed and <br />expenses incurred pursuant to this Agreement during the prior month. <br />The CONSULTANT shall submit duly certified invoices in duplicate to the Director of <br />the Public Works Department. For lump sum line items, the amount submitted shall be the <br />prorated amount due for all work performed to date under this phase, determined by <br />applying the percentage of the work completed as certified by the CONSULTANT, to the <br />total due for this phase of the work. For time and material line items, the amount <br />submitted shall be based on the actual hours worked and expenses incurred for the billing <br />period. <br />The amount of the partial payment due the CONSULTANT for the work performed <br />to date under these phases shall be an amount calculated in accordance with the previous <br />paragraph and less previous payments. Per F.S. 218.74(2), the COUNTY will pay <br />approved invoices on or before the forty-fifth day after the COUNTY receives the <br />CONSULTANT's invoice. <br />PART 3 - TIME FOR COMPLETION <br />The estimated completion time is four weeks. <br />**END OF WORK ORDER** <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />F:\Public Works\KeithM\Stormwater Projects\Managed Aquatic Plant System\Work Orders\CivilSery\Work Order S-1.doc <br />