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Revised July 31, 2017 <br />Via e-mail: <br />David W. Schryver, P.S.M. <br />County Surveyor, Engineering Division <br />Indian River County <br />1801 27th Street (Building A) <br />Vero Beach, FL. 32960 <br />(772) 226-1386 <br />CIvILSu/ <br />A Tradition of Innovative Engineering <br />ATTACHMENT 1 <br />RE: 53rd Street, North Relief Canal Managed Aquatic Plant System <br />Thank you very much for your request. <br />In accordance with your request CivilSury Design Group, Inc. is pleased to propose to provide a Topographic Survey for the two parcels and the <br />adjacent roadways and canals. <br />CivilSury Design Group. Inc. shall prepare a Topographic Survey for parcels 32-39-17-000001-0130-00001.0 and 32-39-17-00001-0130- <br />00002.1, approximately 18.03 acres. <br />The Topographic Survey shall adhere to the Minimum Technical Standards as set forth by the Board of Surveyors and Mappers pursuant <br />to Rule 5J-17 of the Florida Administrative Code, <br />The Topographic Survey shall depict the following: <br />Horizontal datum shall be based on the East Zone of the Florida State Plane Coordinate System. <br />1) Have 2 vertical control points for future construction. Vertical datum will be dependent on nearest vertical control to project. <br />2) Spot elevations at 50' intervals including intermediate highs and lows, furrows, Etc. <br />3) Spot elevations utilizing a 50' grid. <br />4) All interior above ground improvements and Underground Utilities as marked by a Utility Locating Service. <br />5) Prepare the Survey in AutoCAD 2016 LT with 1' contours. <br />6) Visible Gopher Tortoise Holes. <br />7) Locate two (2) bridges along 66th Avenue. <br />8) Cross Section the North Relief Canal at 50' Sections. <br />9) Cross Section the Lateral "A" Canal at 50' Sections. <br />10) The limits of the Survey are as follows: <br />The North Right -of Way line of the North Relief Canal <br />The East edge of Pavement of 66th Avenue <br />The North Top of Bank of the Sub -Lateral Canal A-9 <br />50' East of the East Properly line <br />The West Right -of -Way Line of 66th Ave <br />The Topographic Survey will include the Entire Right -of -Way of 66th Avenue from 200' South of the South Right -of -Way Line of 53rd <br />Street, to 200' North of the North Right -of -Way Line of 53rd Street, the remaining portion of 661h Avenue extending North to the North <br />Line of I.R.F.W.C.D. North Relief Canal shall be included without spot elevations, contours etc., only above ground features and <br />Underground Utilities will be located and shown on the Final Survey (see Exhibit 'A") <br />The Lump sum fee for Topographic Survey is $18,750.00 <br />Deliverables will include four (4) original signed and sealed drawings of the Boundary Survey as well as a PDF file. <br />Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. I anticipate this project to take four weeks to complete. <br />Sincerely, <br />CivilSury Design Group, Inc. <br />Scott Wor´┐Żac <br />Director of Surveying and Mapping <br />E-mail: <br />7S: 5lhane Fold Kosd 1 Suite / 1 Lakeland Honda 33811 <br />Accepted: <br />Name: <br />Date: <br /> <br />Small 9ustness Enterprise <br />p 863.6164771 1 1. 663.616-3378 1 toll free 866.307.1771 <br />