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which Applicant may apply for a permit, license, or use hereunder are more particularly <br />described as <br />I. Facilities (See Exhibit A) <br />a. El Acreage <br />2 0-5 <br />o 6-10 <br />❑ 11-40 <br />o 41+ <br />b. o Expo Center <br />c. Q Expo Open Air Pavilion <br />d. o Agricultural Pavilion <br />e. o Entertainment Building <br />f. o Cook Shed <br />g. o RV Hook-up <br />II. o Amenities <br />o Large Bleachers <br />❑ Small Bleachers <br />o Small Stage <br />o Stage Risers #(1-6) <br />o Trans -Stage o without canopy o with canopy <br />o 10X20 Tent # <br />o Light Towers <br />o Picnic Tables <br />o Hoses/Sprinklers <br />o Serving Carts <br />o Tables (30"X96") w/chairs# o Chairs only # <br />o Marquee # weeks <br />❑ Internet Access <br />o Golf Carts # <br />o Expo Pavilion Curtains <br />❑ Fire Extinguishers # <br />oMidway Electric <br />(the "Premises"), which Applicant acknowledges to be sufficient, as is, for its intended purpose <br />and/or use contemplated hereunder. <br />III. Personnel <br />o Parks Division Staff <br />IV. Permits <br />QFairgrounds Use Permit <br />o Alcohol Permit <br />2. Applicant may use and have access to the Premises for a period, commencing at 12am on <br />September 8, 2017, and ending at 11:59pm on September 8, 2017, ("License Duration"), which <br />Fairgrounds License Agreement <br />Initials V <br />Page 2 of 12 <br />July 17, 2017 <br />