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other research and development activities and where such activities are not included <br /> in the instruction function. <br /> 4. Term The Subrecipient acknowledges and agrees that the Grant is limited to the fiscal <br /> year(s) see attached ist ("Grant Period"). The Grant Period and performance start <br /> date commences on see attached list. <br /> 5. Grant Funds and Payment. The approved Grants for the Grant Period is see attached <br /> list ($1,688,549). The amount of federal funds obligated under this Contract by the <br /> County to the Subrecipient is see attached list ($1,688,549). The total amount of the <br /> Awards committed to the Subrecipient by the County is see attached list ($1,688,549). <br /> The total amount of federal funds obligated to the Subrecipient by the County, <br /> including the current obligation is see attached list ($1,688,549). The County agrees to <br /> reimburse the Subrecipient from such Grant funds for actual documented costs <br /> incurred for Grant Purposes provided in accordance with this Contract. <br /> Reimbursement requests may be made no more frequently than monthly. Each <br /> reimbursement request shall contain the information, at a minimum, that is set forth in <br /> Exhibit "B" attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. All <br /> reimbursement requests are subject to audit by the County. In addition, the County <br /> may require additional documentation of expenditures, as it deems appropriate. <br /> 6. Indirect costs. Subrecipient is permitted to charge an indirect cost rate of 7`)/0 to the <br /> federal award. (The rate shall be based on either the County's federally negotiated <br /> indirect cost rate or, if no such rate has been obtained, a fixed rate of 10% of modified <br /> total direct costs) <br /> 7. Additional Obligations of Subrecipient. <br /> 7.1 Records. The Subrecipient shall maintain adequate internal controls in order to <br /> safeguard the Grant. In addition, the Subrecipient shall maintain adequate records <br /> fully to document the use of the Grant funds for at least three (3) years after the <br /> expiration of the Grant Period. The County and its auditors shall have access to all <br /> books, records, documents and financial Pages statements as required by the County <br /> to meet federal requirements or by this Section for the purpose of inspection or audit <br /> during normal business hours at the County's expense, upon five (5) days prior written <br /> notice. <br /> 7.2 Compliance with Laws. The Subrecipient shall comply at all times with all <br /> applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, including Title 2 US <br /> Code of Federal Regulations Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost <br /> Principals, and Audit Requirements of Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance), Florida <br /> Statutes, Chapter 10.550, Rules of the Auditor General, and the terms and conditions <br /> of the Award. <br /> 7.3 Performance Reports. The Subrecipient shall submit cumulative, Performance <br /> Reports to the Finance Department of the County within 90 days following the <br /> completion of the grant. These reports should include but not limited to grant <br /> expenses and other statistics as required by the grants during the quarter, and the <br /> progress the agency has made toward meeting their goals and objectives as they <br /> stated in their RFP response. <br /> 7.4 Audit Requirements. If Subrecipient receives $100,000 or more in the aggregate <br /> from all Indian River County government funding sources, the Subrecipient is required <br /> to have an audit completed by an independent certified public accountant at the end of <br /> the Subrecipient's fiscal year. Within 180 days of the end of the Subrecipient's fiscal <br /> Page 2 <br />