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STATE AID TO LIBRARIES GRANT <br /> AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br /> THE STATE OF FLORIDA, DEPARTMENT OF STATE <br /> AND <br /> for and on behalf of <br /> This Agreement is by and between the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Library and <br /> Information Services, hereinafter referred to as the "Division," and the for and on behalf of, hereinafter <br /> referred to as the "Grantee." <br /> The Grantee has submitted an application and has met all eligibility requirements and has been awarded <br /> a State Aid to Libraries Grant(CSFA 45.030) by the Division in the amount specified on the "Fiscal <br /> Year 2017-18 State Aid to Libraries Final Grants" document(which is incorporated as part of this <br /> Agreement and entitled Attachment B). The Division has the authority to administer this grant in <br /> accordance with Section 257,Florida Statutes. By reference, the application and any approved revisions <br /> are hereby made a part of this agreement. <br /> In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. Grant Purpose.This grant shall be used exclusively for the "State Aid to Libraries Grant," the <br /> public purpose for which these funds were appropriated. <br /> a. The Grantee shall perform the following Scope of Work as identified in Section 257.17, <br /> Florida Statutes: <br /> Manage or coordinate free library service to the residents of its legal service area. The <br /> Grantee shall: <br /> 1. Have a single administrative head employed full time by the library's governing body; <br /> 2. Provide free library service, including loaning materials available for circulation free of <br /> charge and providing reference and information services free of charge; <br /> 3. Provide access to materials, information and services for all residents of the area served; <br /> and <br /> 4. Have at least one library, branch library or member library open 40 hours or more each <br /> week. <br /> b. The Grantee agrees to provide the following Deliverables related to the Scope of Work for <br /> payments to be awarded. <br /> Payment 1, Deliverable/Task 1: <br /> • Payment will be a fixed price in the amount of 100% of the grant award. The Grantee will: <br /> o Adopt or approve current year library budget; <br /> o Have at least one library, branch library or member library open 40 hours or more <br /> each week(excluding holidays) during the grantee's fiscal year; and <br /> o Adopt or approve the Annual Plan of Service for the grantee's fiscal year. <br /> State Aid to Libraries Grant Agreement(Form DLIS/SA02) page 1 of 15 <br /> Chapter 1B-2.011(2)(a),Florida Administrative Code,Effective 07-2017. <br />