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CERTIFICATION TO <br />FLORIDA HOUSING FINANCE CORPORATION <br />Local Government or Interlocal Entity: Indian River County Florida <br />Certifies that: <br />(1) The availability of SHIP funds will be advertised pursuant to program requirements in <br />420.907-420.9079, Florida Statutes. <br />(2) All SHIP funds will be expended in a manner which will insure that there will be no <br />discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status, or <br />religion. <br />(3) A process to determine eligibility and for selection of recipients for funds has been <br />developed. <br />(4) Recipients of funds will be required to contractually commit to program guidelines and loan <br />terms. <br />(5) <br />Florida Housing will be notified promptly if the local government /interlocal entity will be <br />unable to comply with any provision of the local housing assistance plan (LHAP). <br />(6) The LHAP provides a plan for the encumbrance of funds within twelve months of the end of <br />the State fiscal year in which they are received and a plan for the expenditure of SHIP funds <br />including allocation, program income and recaptured funds within 24 months following the <br />end of the State fiscal year in which they are received. <br />(7) <br />The LHAP conforms to the Local Government Comprehensive Plan, or that an amendment <br />to the Local Government Comprehensive Plan will be initiated at the next available <br />opportunity to insure conformance with the LHAP. <br />(8) Amendments to the approved LHAP shall be provided to the Florida Housing for review <br />and/or approval within 21 days after adoption. <br />The trust fund exists with a qualified depository for all SHIP funds as well as program <br />income or recaptured funds. <br />(10) Amounts on deposit in the local housing assistance trust fund shall be invested as permitted <br />by law. <br />(9) <br />(11) The local housing assistance trust fund shall be separately stated as a special revenue fund in <br />the local governments audited financial statements (CAFR). An electronic copy of the <br />CAFR or a hyperlink to the document shall be provided to Florida Housing by June 30 of <br />the applicable year. <br />F:\Community Development\SHIP\LHAP\2018-2021 LHAP <br />- 24 - <br />