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(12) Evidence of compliance with the Florida Single Audit Act, as referenced in Section 215.97, <br />F.S. shall be provided to Florida housing by June 30 of the applicable year. <br />(13) SHIP funds will not be pledged for debt service on bonds. <br />(14) Developers receiving assistance from both SHIP and the Low Income Housing Tax <br />Credit (LIHTC) Program shall comply with the income, affordability and other LIHTC <br />requirements, similarly, any units receiving assistance from other federal programs shall <br />comply with all Federal and SHIP program requirements. <br />(15) Loans shall be provided for periods not exceeding 20 years, except for deferred payment <br />loans or loans that extend beyond 20 years which continue to serve eligible persons. <br />(16) Rental Units constructed or rehabilitated with SHIP funds shall be monitored for <br />compliance with tenant income requirements and affordability requirements or as required <br />in Section 420.9075 (3)(e). To the extent another governmental entity provides periodic <br />monitoring and determination, a municipality, county or local housing financing authority <br />may rely on such monitoring and determination of tenant eligibility. <br />(17) The LHAP meets the requirements of Section 420.907-9079 FS, and Rule Chapter 67-37 <br />FAC. <br />(18) The provisions of Chapter 83-220, Laws of Florida have not been implemented (except for <br />Miami -Dade County). <br />at) <br />Witness Chief Elected Official or <br />Witness <br />Date <br />OR <br />•' �Oh1MS••' <br />signee �;�� • sio''� <br />:�.J.• •. •.Ac•.• <br />:J' t <br />f Anf <br />BCC Approved: December 5, 26.9, •Nk <br />'•• fR COUN .••' <br />1():: (� <br />*: <br />Peter D. O' Bryan <br />Board of County Commissioners, '•airm <br />Attest: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of Court <br />r .troller <br />BY: <br />Deputy ChArk <br />rk <br />- 25 - <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM <br />AN ,. AL FF <br />WILLIAM K. •EBRAAL <br />DEPUTY COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />F:\Community Development\SHIP\LHAP\2018-2021 LHAP <br />