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B. PREMISES <br /> This Agreement applies to all private parties for the use of the Fairgrounds, particularly the Expo <br /> Building (15 hours) and associated parking acreage, including amenities (60 tables, 480 chairs, up to <br /> 6 stage risers, midway electric, serving carts) and staff, (the "Premises"), which Applicant <br /> acknowledges to be sufficient, as is, for its intended purpose and/or use contemplated hereunder. <br /> C. LICENSE DURATION <br /> Applicant may use and have access to the Premises for a period, described in Section A ("License <br /> Duration"), which License Duration shall include Event set-up, removal and clean-up. Where the <br /> Applicant requires additional hours, Applicant is required to pay $125 per hour. Facilities shall be <br /> restored to their original condition and all activities ceased by the time referenced in the Agreement. <br /> For each quarter hour after, the Applicant will be charged a fee of$50.00 per quarter hour. <br /> D. AUTHORIZED USE, TERMS & CONDITIONS: <br /> 1. The Premises are to be used by Applicant for the event described in detail under Section A, (the <br /> "Event"), and the Event shall be used for no other purpose whatsoever, unless prior written <br /> approval is requested in writing by Applicant and given by the County which approval shall be <br /> subject to availability but not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned, or delayed so long as such <br /> request is submitted at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the License Duration. Such change <br /> may result in a modification of the insurance requirements set forth in D. 17. <br /> 2. RENTAL FEE & PAYMENT <br /> Applicant agrees to pay to the County as rent, costs, expenses and taxes for the use of the <br /> Premises: <br /> (a) Rental fee in the amount of$3,800.00 (plus any additional charges imposed at the request <br /> of the Applicant). The balance of the rental fee set forth above and any additional hourly <br /> charges requested by the Applicant shall be due thirty (30) days prior to the Event. <br /> (b) Additional hours requested by the Applicant and balance due are described in Exhibit B. <br /> (c) A minimum of TWENTY-FIVE percent (25%) of the entire rental fee ("Event Deposit") <br /> is due upon execution of this License Agreement. <br /> (d) Any incidental charges or fees not included in this Agreement at the time of execution <br /> shall be due within five (5) business days of the conclusion of the Event as described in <br /> Exhibit B. <br /> (e) Applicant's failure to make any of the payments required hereunder in a timely manner <br /> shall constitute a material breach and shall result in the immediate termination of this <br /> License Agreement. All fees, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, attorney's <br /> fees, incurred by the County in the collection of any payment due hereunder shall be <br /> reimbursed by Applicant. <br /> 3. DAMAGE DEPOSIT <br /> A Damage Deposit as described in Exhibit B shall be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the <br /> Event. The Damage Deposit shall be applied against the fees, costs, expenses, charges and/or <br /> delinquent payments described herein, and against any costs of repair or replacement of damages <br /> to the Fairgrounds that directly or indirectly result from the Event, whether caused by Applicant <br /> or Applicant's employees, invitees, licensees, contractors, assignees, contestants, exhibitors or <br /> performers, or others on the Premises at Applicant's direction or invitation. The County's use of <br /> Fairgro ds License Agreement Page 2 of 10 <br /> Initials/ December 26,2017 <br />