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Maureen Gelfo <br /> C O D R.s 1O pQUlED <br /> From: Cloud, Liz <> <br /> Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 1:48 PM <br /> To: Maureen Gelfo <br /> Subject: FW: Filing of County Ordinances Electronically <br /> Attachments: image001 jpg;workingtoday50 jpg; vivafl45.png; Guidelines.doc <br /> FLORIDA DEPARTMENT Of STATE <br /> RICK SCOTT KEN DETZNER <br /> Governor Secretary of State <br /> TO: Clerks of Court <br /> FROM: Liz Cloud, Program Administrator <br /> DATE: September 17, 2013 <br /> SUBJECT: Filing of County Ordinances Electronically <br /> As I am sure you know, the 2013 legislature passed legislation that changes the manner by which your county <br /> ordinances are to be filed with the Florida <br /> Department of State (Department), and the manner by which we, the Department, will acknowledge that filing. "An act <br /> relating to paper reduction", <br /> Chapter 2013-192, amended section 125.66, Florida Statutes, to require the clerks of the board of county commissioners <br /> to file ordinances and amendments, <br /> as well as emergency ordinances, by e-mail to the Department. We will, in turn, acknowledge receipt of such <br /> documents by return e-mail. <br /> Currently, the certified copies of ordinances received for filing are maintained in the Administrative Code and Register <br /> Section,along with a copy <br /> of the acknowledgement letter generated by the Department for each document filed. Each county's ordinances are <br /> kept together and at the end of the <br /> calendar year are transmitted, together, to the State Archives for recording and storage. They remain available for <br /> research or other purposes in perpetuity. <br /> 1 <br />