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R.. <br /> Board of County Commissioners <br /> 1801 27th Street <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> Telephone: (772) 567-8000 FAX: 772-778-9391 <br /> Project: <br /> WORK ORDER NO. 5 (Engineering) <br /> FOR <br /> PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING SERVICES CONTRACT <br /> WITH <br /> Masteller & Moler, Inc. <br /> HOBART PARK BASEBALL FIELDS - IRC Project No. 1759 <br /> This Work Order No. 5 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated November 4th, 2014 and the <br /> Extension of Continuing Contract Agreement dated October 24th, 2017 between Masteller & Moler, Inc. <br /> (ENGINEER) and Indian River County(COUNTY). This Work Order No. 5 amends the agreement as follows: <br /> SECTION I -PROJECT LIMITS <br /> This Work Order No. 5 is for the ENGINEER to perform professional engineering services in connection with <br /> the planning,design, and permitting of the conversion of one (1)of the existing two (2) softball/little league <br /> regulation style fields to a Pro/College/High School (College) regulation style baseball field. In addition, one <br /> (1) new softball/ little league regulation style field, an infield practice area, and replacement of the existing <br /> concession/ restroom facilities are proposed. <br /> The development limits shall be defined as the portion of Hobart Park situated on the east side of 58th Avenue <br /> (Kings Highway) at 77th Street (Hobart Road) west of the Indian River Farms Lateral G canal. The portion of <br /> Hobart Park at the northeast corner of 58th Avenue (Kings Highway) and 77th Street(Hobart Road) currently <br /> contains two (2) softball/little league regulation style fields. It is understood Indian River County desires to <br /> make modifications to the northern field to convert it to a Pro/College/High School (College) regulation style <br /> baseball field including modified site lighting. The dimensions of the College field shall meet the criteria of <br /> "Rule 1 / The Game, Playing Field and Equipment" in Baseball 2017 and 2018 Rules as published by the <br /> National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The southern of the two (2) existing fields is to remain <br /> unchanged in its current position and will not be lighted. A new softball/little league regulation style of the <br /> same size as the existing southern field is to be added and situated facing east between the modified northern <br /> and existing southern fields. <br /> The existing concession / press box / restroom facilities on the current north field are proposed to be <br /> demolished and replaced with more appropriately sized modernized facilities. The new concession / press <br /> box/ restroom facilities will be connected to Indian River County's potable water and wastewater systems. <br /> The project will include adequately sized restroom facilities that are also ADA compliant. <br />