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IMPROVEMENT OF THE INTERSECTION OF SR 60 & 43RD AVENUE <br />PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING & STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING <br />SERVICES <br />AMENDMENT NO. 9 TO THE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING/LAND SURVEYING <br />SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN ARCADIS US, Inc. (fka ARCADIS G&M, Inc.), <br />Inc. AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA. <br />This is an amendment to the existing Engineering Services Agreement (AGREEMENT) dated <br />May 17, 2005 between ARCADIS US, Inc. (ENGINEER) and Indian River County (COUNTY). <br />This amendment addresses changes in "Section I — Project Limits and Description", "Section III <br />- Scope of Services", and "Section V - Compensation". <br />Amendment Description <br />This Amendment includes the following: <br />"SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS AND DESCRIPTION" is being modified to incorporate <br />the following: <br />Consultant services are required for the preparation of road design plans; bridge plans; permit <br />applications and utility relocations associated with the construction of SR 60 / 43rd Avenue <br />Intersection Improvements. <br />ARCADIS US, Inc., was contracted to design the widening of 43rd Avenue from 26`h Street to <br />181h Street. The COUNTY has requested that the lighting plans for the project be revised to <br />provide for the use of LED lighting fixtures. The St. Johns River Water Management District <br />(SJRWMD) permit for the project has expired. A permit application package will be assembled <br />and submitted to SJRWMD for their review and approval. It is anticipated that the drainage <br />system as previously approved by SJRWMD will be acceptable and that modifications to the <br />drainage system will not be required. In addition, miscellaneous plan revisions will be completed <br />to address the COUNTY's comments. <br />The work included in Amendment No. 9 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated <br />November 6, 2005 between ARCADIS US, Inc. (ENGINEER) and Indian River County <br />(COUNTY). <br />"SECTION III — SCOPE OF SERVICES" is being modified to incorporate the following: <br />30% and 60%, 90%, and 100% plans have been submitted to the COUNTY. Engineer will <br />prepare revised 100% plans. <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />G:\LNR Support\Proposa1s\WPB\2017\SR 60 & 43rd Avenue\SR60 - 43RD AVE AMENDMENT 9 12-8-17.doc <br />