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v04f" <br />,` <br />. 77 <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />1801 27th Street <br />Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />Telephone: (772) 567-8000 FAX: 772-778-9391 <br />Project: <br />WORK ORDER NO.4 (Engineering) <br />FOR <br />PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />FOR PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING SERVICES CONTRACT <br />WITH <br />Masteller & Moler, Inc. <br />VICTOR HART SR. COMPLEX DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS — IRC Project No. 1760 <br />This Work Order No. 4 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated November 4th, 2014 and the <br />Extension of Continuing Contract Agreement dated October 24th, 2017 between Masteller & Moler, Inc. <br />(ENGINEER) and Indian River County (COUNTY). This Work Order No. 4 amends the agreement as follows: <br />SECTION I - PROJECT LIMITS <br />This Work Order No. 4 is for the ENGINEER to perform professional engineering services in connection <br />with the planning, design, and permitting of the drainage revisions to the existing football field and its <br />adjacent parking areas at the Victor Hart Sr. Complex. <br />The 38.96 acre +/- Victor Hart Sr. Complex is situated at the southwest corner of 43`d Avenue and 49th <br />Street. The site has various improvements including a swimming pool, baseball fields, and a football field <br />with supporting parking facilities. The site is also the home of the Gifford Youth Achievement Center. It <br />is understood the existing football field and its adjacent unpaved parking areas have frequent drainage <br />problems. The County desires to make improvements at the site to resolve the football field and its <br />parking area drainage problems. The horizontal position of the existing football field and parking is not <br />intended to change. <br />The parking areas in the southern end of the site appear to be included under issued St. Johns River WMD <br />ERP # 42-061-0622ANG. The newest baseball field, picnic pavilions, and shuffleboard courts appear to <br />have received a permit exemption during the processing of ERP # 42-061-0622ANG. <br />Within the Victor Hart Sr. Complex site, a wet detention stormwater system provides treatment and <br />attenuation for a 15.6 acre development area within the overall site. The existing football field and its <br />unpaved parking areas do not appear to be included in the area of the site served by the existing wet <br />detention system. These improvements were covered under SJRWMD Permit # 42-061-0169NGMF-ERP. <br />It is anticipated the stormwater conveyance system for the football field and its unpaved parking area <br />