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450 <br />TUESDAYa SAY 2nd 1933 _...._ __.. _. _. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />.,: v a .,....a ....., _......... __• .+ .. ... J .. .. _.. _ ., -.. ...,.., .__. . _ _ .. _ ..,.... _. t .. e> . , w �..... _ <br />the Court House in Vero Beochr, at 10:00 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, May 2nd 1933s Vith the <br />following members of the Board present: J.J.P.Hamilton, Chairman; J. D. Yongue; Wm. F. <br />Feazell, John M. Knight and Edwin A. Helseth. Also present were miles Warren, Clerk <br />and William FrickiMeriff. <br />The minutes of the previous meeting was read and approved. <br />Members of the School Board appeared and requested a part of the funds derived froi <br />race track taxes be given to the School Board to assist in paying off its obligations. <br />Cdr. J. W. Copeland, representing the Century of Progress Exposition appeared before <br />the board urging a donation from Indian River County, out of the race track funds, to <br />assist in placing 1 <br />c Florida a x t <br />d Exhibits in the Exposition at Chicago. He was advised he <br />a matter would be taken up and consideration given this request. <br />It was ordered that the Sheriff be requested to levy on the J.W.Brunen house in <br />Vero Beach, under execution in case of Vero Beach Bank & Trust Co . , -vs- It J .W.Brunen, <br />at al., which judgment has been assigned to Indian River County, and A.G.Even is auth- <br />orized to bid not less than $250.00 at Sheriff's sale and pay all cost of Sheriff and <br />advertisement. The County agrees to accept assignment from said Even on the Board of <br />Public Instructions for the amount bid on the place, provided he has that much coming <br />f roma said Board. <br />J.D.Yongue and Edwin A.Helseth, members of the Committee to look over the pile <br />driving outfit which was to be purchased from G.G.Crosby, with their approval, advised <br />the Board that each were opposed to such purchase because same could not be used for <br />general repairs. <br />It was ordered that an advertisement be prepared to receive bids at the next <br />regular meeting for complete repair of center fender of the Vero Bridge, all piling, <br />approximately 75 in number to be of cresote. <br />It was moved by Commissioner Helseth, seconded by Com'r. , Yongue that the sum of <br />$2504.00 be given to the School Board out of the race track funds received. <br />The Clerk was instructed to write Pauly Jail Building Company, St. Iauis, and <br />ascertain whether or not it will be willing to accept $5,000.00 on Jail Time Warrants <br />at this time. <br />It was ordered, W.J.Norton, Winter Beach, be placed on the pauper list to receive <br />$6.00 per month. <br />..x <br />It gas ordered 'Preaoher Bain, negro, Sebastian, be placed on the pauper list to <br />receive $5.00 per month. <br />It was ordered Mrs. John Yates, Fellsmere, be restoted on the mothers Pension list <br />to receive the SUM of $5.00 per month. <br />It ams ordered that past due rent of Otis M. Cobb be set at $10.00 per month for <br />18 months up to January 1st 1933, and an allowance of $126.65 be made for repairs to the <br />rooms so rented and account due him by the County, leaving a balance of $53.35 now due <br />for rent of which amount $25.00 is to be paid June lot next and the balance on August <br />let 1933. It was further ordered no rent be charged Mr. Cobb as long as he is attorney <br />for the Board of County Commissioners. <br />The following resolution was introduced by Commissioner Yongue: <br />WHEREAS, the Legislature of the State of Florida has, by special act, authorized <br />the County of Indian River, Florida, to provide by resolution that bonds, interest <br />coupons or or other obligations of such County may be received at par in the redemption of <br />property within such districts from tax sales or unpaid taxes, whether certified as <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />