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MAR 31'994 <br />Boar 92 F,mjr.02 <br />In his opening statement, Attorney Collins explained that <br />under the IRC Administrative Policy Manual, a Group 1 offense is <br />minor, a Group 2 offense is more serious and a Group 3 offense is <br />something that would result in suspension or termination on the <br />first offense. In this case, Emergency Services Director Doug <br />Wright found that each of these incidents constituted a Group 2 <br />offense. He advised the Board that if they find two Group 2 <br />offenses sustainable, the termination by Director Wright would be <br />upheld. Each of these incidents were cited as neglecting to comply <br />with requirements set forth in Department Rules and Standards of <br />Conduct, specifically the policy on behavior of employees which <br />states that they are to conduct themselves in a positive manner so <br />as to promote the best interest of the County by performing <br />assigned tasks efficiently and in accord with established quality <br />standards. Director Wright also found that several of these <br />incidents were violations of the Group 1 offenses. <br />Attorney Collins advised that it is the County's contention <br />that Emergency Services Director Doug Wright acted correctly in <br />finding what he believed to be four Group 2 violations which is <br />enough to terminate the employee under County personnel rules. The <br />matter went forward to Administrator Chandler and he upheld the <br />termination. <br />At this time, Attorney Collins wished to note that some of the <br />testimony that was given at the pre -termination and termination <br />hearings involved the E911 Center dispatchers who are here today <br />prepared to testify that the calls actually went out and that <br />attempts were made to contact Ms. House. Attorney Stone has agreed <br />that we can dispense with that testimony and agree that the <br />incidents took place. <br />Attorney Stone confirmed that he has agreed to the dispensing <br />of the testimony of the three E911 dispatchers, whereupon Attorney <br />Collins advised the dispatchers that they were excused. <br />Robert Stone, attorney for appellant Deborah House, began his <br />opening statement noting that Ms. House has been an animal control <br />officer for the County for some time and at one time was in a <br />supervisory position. There are four incidents that Director <br />Wright has found to warrant *termination, but when you look at each <br />one of them and consider the kind of incident it was, together they <br />are not sufficient reason to terminate Ms. House. <br />2 <br />