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Attorney Stone gave a brief summary of the following four <br />incidents: <br />In incident #1, the information that came to Ms. House is that <br />the pigeon had been walking around the apartment complex 2-3 days. <br />Ms. House has testified that she told the lady who made the call <br />that she would pick up the pigeon on Monday because she had <br />priority calls to make. On Monday, however, she came down with the <br />flu, did not go into work, and forgot to relay the need for another <br />animal control officer to pick up the pigeon. <br />In incident #2, the hamsters were not in any danger nor were <br />they being mistreated. This was merely somebody wanting to get rid <br />of them. The lady said she called in at 10:00 a.m., but Ms. House <br />received the call at 3:30 p.m. She had several other calls to <br />make, two of which were bite calls and one to pick up two stray <br />pups. These calls had priority over unwanted hamsters being taken <br />to the Humane Society. The idea of loafing gets down to 10 <br />minutes. She went home for lunch at 2:20 and took a nap. She <br />received the call to pick up the hamsters at 3:30. Attorney Stone <br />felt that if 10 minutes is considered loafing, we may not have any <br />employees left working for the County next week. He stressed that <br />the hamsters were taken care of that day. <br />In incident #3, Ms. House was going on vacation the next <br />morning and she and her husband finished packing up the car and <br />went out to eat before retiring for the night. Being on call, she <br />took her pager with her to the restaurant. Ms. House has stated <br />that the beeper did not go off'then or during the remaining hours <br />before they left on vacation. When they checked it out, the beeper <br />was working, but Ms. House has said it wasn't working. Attorney <br />Stone emphasized that pagers don't always work: What is <br />interesting- about this particular incident is that someone from <br />Animal Control drove past her house that night but did not go up to <br />her door to see if she was home. Mrs. Errett also called Ms. <br />House's residence but did not leave any message on the answering <br />machine. <br />Incident #4 has been waived. <br />Incident #5 occurred during the time Ms. House was recovering <br />from her -best friend having committed suicide and her finding the <br />body. As a result of this, she was having some personal <br />difficulties and taking medication. The medication wasn't helping <br />her and the doctor doubled the medication, but it was too much. <br />3 <br />800K 94., 0,jr, 03 <br />