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Tuesday, May 16, 1994. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, met in Special Session at the County Commission Chambers, <br />1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, May 16, 1994 at <br />9:00 o'clock a.m. Present were John W. Tippin, Chairman; Kenneth <br />R. Macht, Vice Chairman; Carolyn K. Eggert; and Richard N. Bird. <br />Commissioner Fran Adams was absent due to illness. Also present <br />were James E. Chandler, County Administrator; Charles P. Vitunac, <br />County Attorney; and -Barbara Bonnah, Deputy Clerk. <br />Chairman Tippin called the meeting to order. <br />ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA%EMERGENCY ITEM <br />Commissioner Macht requested the addition to today's Agenda of <br />a brief discussion concerning the parking garage for the new <br />Courthouse. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Macht, the Board unanimously added the <br />above item to today's Agenda. <br />PARKING GARAGE FOR NEW COURTHOUSE <br />Commissioner Macht reported that an article in this morning's <br />newspaper mentioned that the new parking garage would be free and <br />basically unmonitored, and he wished to state that has not been <br />determined as yet. He pointed out that there is a potential of <br />$200,000 annually in parking fees, and we have to make a <br />determination on whether the parking will be free or whether we <br />want to recover some of the construction and maintenance costs by <br />charging fees. <br />Commissioner Eggert felt the Board should review an analysis <br />before making that decision. <br />Administrator Chandler confirmed that staff has not made a <br />recommendation as yet. <br />Commissioner Bird didn't feel the employees nor the jurists <br />should pay parking fees. However, the merchants in that area might <br />be willing to pay for that privilege. <br />The consensus was that staff was to proceed with bringing a <br />recommendation to the Courthouse Advisory Board. <br />MAY C 199 Bou 92 Face 396 <br />