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ORDINANCE 2018- 003 ORDINANCE #2 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA, CONCERNING <br /> AMENDMENTS TO ITS LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS (LDRs); PROVIDING <br /> FOR AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 913, SUBDIVISIONS AND PLATS; BY AMENDING <br /> SECTIONS 913.07(4)(A) AND 913.07(4)(F) SPECIFICALLY; AND BY PROVIDING FOR <br /> REPEAL OF CONFLICTING PROVISIONS; CODIFICATION; SEVERABILITY; AND <br /> EFFECTIVE DATE. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF INDIAN RIVER <br /> COUNTY, FLORIDA THAT THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY LAND DEVELOPMENT <br /> REGULATIONS (LDRs) CHAPTER 914, GENERAL SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS AND <br /> CHAPTER 913 SUBDIVISIONS AND PLATS, BE AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: <br /> SECTION#1: <br /> Amend LDR Section 913.07 (4)(A), "Preliminary plat application and review submission of <br /> application"; as follows: <br /> (4) Preliminary plat application and review. <br /> (A) Submission of application. <br /> 1. Upon completion of the formal pre-application conference, the applicant may apply <br /> for preliminary plat approval. At his or her option, an applicant may simultaneously <br /> apply for preliminary plat approval and for land development permit review.No land <br /> development permit may be issued until the preliminary plat is approved. An <br /> applicant shall apply for preliminary plat approval by furnishing to the community <br /> development director: <br /> a. A complete application form, as provided by the community development <br /> department; <br /> b. The appropriate filing fee established by the board of county commissioners; <br /> c. Ten (1) sets of the plat drawings and a written response to each item in the <br /> project's pre-application conference discrepancy letter or a written description <br /> of all revisions made to the project plans since the pre-application conference <br /> review; <br /> d. Two (2) sealed surveys; <br /> e. One (1) aerial of the site with overlay of project showing the surrounding two <br /> hundred (200) feet of adjacent properties; <br /> f. Two (2) copies of the owner's deed; <br /> g. If an agent is used, a letter from the property owner authorizing the agent to <br /> function on his behalf, plus one copy of the letter; <br /> h. Two (2) copies of a tree and vegetation survey showing the boundaries and <br /> acreage of environmentally sensitive areas (see Chapter 928) and <br /> environmentally significant areas (see Chapter 929), where such areas exist on- <br /> site. <br /> Bold Underline: Additions to Ordinance <br /> S'-t+esig Deleted Text from Existing Ordinance <br /> F:\Community Development\CurDev\Ordinances\2018Ordinances\2018- 913.07(4)(A)and(F)-Preliminary Plat application and <br /> review.docx <br /> 1 <br />