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Z.4The COUNTY shall provide the following supplies for utilization for res rnonaandoffices: <br />a. Paper towels for dispensers <br />b. Toilet paper <br />c. Trash can liners <br />d. Hand soap for dispensers <br />3. RESPONSIBILITIES DFTHE CONTRACTOR, <br />3.1 The CONTRACTOR agrees to provide the services in accordance with the scope.of the RFPI. <br />3.2 The CONTRACTOR shall, during the entire term of this Agreement, procure and keep in full force, <br />effect, and good standing any and all necessary licenses, registrations, certificates, permits, and any and all <br />other authorizations as are required by local, state, or federal law, in order for th6 CONTRACTOR to render <br />its Services asdescribed, inthis Agreement. <br />3.3 A list of holidays the service will not be provided for the term of the Agreement is attached as Exhibit <br />I <br />3.4 The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for any and all damage to COUNTY equipment, furnishings <br />and facilities directly attributable to his or her negligence or cleaning practices. <br />3.5 CONTRACTOR shall provide all necessary equipment to execute the work under this Agreement. <br />Such equipment shall be maintained and operated in a safe manner at all times. <br />a. Vacuums used shall be equipped with, HEPAfilters. CONTRACTOR shall have available a log <br />showing the date and responsible party for replacing the filter cartridge. <br />3.6 To insure the safety ofthe public and the employees of Indian River County as the occupants of <br />[ountyfad(ities, it shall be the policy of Indian River County that the use of any chemicals or materials used <br />inthe cleaning and maintenance ofCounty facilities becertified green. <br />If it isdetermined for sanitary reasons <br />that a non -green product must be used, then it shall only be utilized at times when the employees'and public <br />are not within the confines ofthe facilities being cleaned �rsan�ized. CONTRACTOR shaUprovide akstnf <br />materials used in their daily cleaning routine and provide evidence of their certification as being a green <br />product. <br />3.7 No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise subjected to <br />discrimination in regard to the Services to be performed by CONTRACTOR under this Agreement. <br />CONTRACTOR does hereby covenant and agree that in connection with the furnishing of Services to the <br />COUNTY it shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender <br />identity, age and/or disability. Through the course of providing the Services to the County, CONTRACTOR <br />shall affirmatively comply with all applicable provisions of Title V1 of the Civil Rights Actof1964,the Civil <br />Rights Restoration Act of 1987 and the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992, as well as all other applicable <br />regulations, guidelines and standards. <br />3.8 The CONTRACTOR will cooperate fully with the COUNTY inorder that all work may be properly <br />