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3.9 The CONTRACTOR shall not assign or transfer any work under this Agreement vvbhuu¢ the phor, <br />written consent of the COUNTY. <br />4. TERM OF AGREEMENT. <br />4.1 This Agreement shall remain in effect for a term of one year, unless otherwise sooner terminated <br />as, provided herein. The Initial Term may be extended by mutual consent of the parties hereto for a <br />maximum two additional one-year terms. <br />S. COMPENSATION - <br />5.1 CONTRACTOR shall bill the COUNTY monthly, after completion ofwork. All payments for services <br />shall bemade tothe CONTRACTOR by the COUNTY in accordance with the Local Government Prompt <br />Payment Act, as may be amended from time to time (Section 218.70, Florida Statutes, et seq.). No iidvance <br />orprepayment will occur. <br />52 Adjustments shall be made to compensation due under any of the following circumstances: <br />a. ifany work which bscheduled for daily, weekly ormonthly performance isomitted orunsatisfactorily <br />performed, the CONTRACTOR will be notified in writing of the failure or omission. An adjustment or <br />deduction may be made from any monies due or to become due the CONTRACTOR. Adjustments or <br />deductions will be consistent with the per square foot rate forthe building the deficiency occurs and for the <br />period oftime the deficiency remains, uncorrected. <br />b. In the instance where room cleaning has not been satisfactorily performed or portions of the work have <br />been omitted or improperly performed a deduction will be made for the entire room. <br />6 INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION. <br />6.1 The CONTRACTOR shall not commence work onthis Agreement until it has obtained all insurance <br />required under this Agreement and such insurance has been approved by the COUNTY" Risk Manager. <br />6.2 CONTRACTOR shall procure and maintain, for the duration of this Agreement, the minimum <br />insurance coverage asset forth herein <br />6.2.1 Workers' Compensation: To meet statutory limits in compliance with the Workers' <br />Compensation Law ofFlorida. This policy must include employers' liability with alimit $1,000,00for each <br />accident, $500,000 disease policy limit and $100,000 disease each employee. Such policy shall include a <br />waiver of subrogation as against Owner on account of injury sustained by an employee(s) of the <br />. , <br />6.2.2 General Liability: A per occurrence form pokcy, including Premise *Operations, Independent <br />Contractors, Products and Completed Operations including X, C, U (Explosion, Collapse, Underground) Broad <br />Form Property Damage, Broad Form Property Damage Endorsement, with a combined single limit of not less <br />than $1,000,000 general aggregate to include prod ucts/com pleted operations, personal injury/advertising <br />liability, fire damage /legal liability, and medical payments. Limits can be layered with an Excess Liability <br />Policy (Umbrella). <br />6.2.3 Business Automobile Liability: Coverage shall -include Owned vehicles and Hired/Non-Owned <br />