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EXHIBIT A <br />E (JA <br />Scope of Services <br />Jungle Trail Shoreline Stabilization <br />for <br />Indian River County <br />RFQ 203-7053 — Continuing Contract Agreement for Environmental and Biological <br />Support Services <br />March 22, 2018 <br />Background <br />In 2006, Indian River County repaired approximately 95o feet of shoreline along the right-of- <br />way of Jungle Trail immediately north of Sea Oaks Boulevard. This repaired section has <br />performed well, but 500 linear feet south of Sea Oaks Boulevard is now in need of repair. The <br />shoreline has been impacted by Hurricanes Matthew and Irma and also boat wakes from the <br />nearby Intracoastal Waterway. The County would like to implement a similar stabilization <br />project along the newly impacted Jungle Trail roadway. <br />SCOPE -OF -WORK <br />Task 3. - Data Collection & Coordination <br />ESA staff will continue to work with the County to acquire historical data including topographic <br />& bathymetric survey data (or LiDAR), water quality data, aerials, oyster and seagrass maps. ESA <br />staff will conduct a submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) survey and document the species and <br />condition of the seagrass and shoreline vegetation. <br />ESA proposes to use Morgan & Eklund to collect topographic and limited bathymetric survey <br />data in the immediate project area. M&E will prepare a topographic survey that meets the <br />Minimum Technical Standards as set forth in Chapter 63.G3.7-6, Florida Administrative Code <br />pursuant to Section 472.027 Florida Statutes. M&E will establish a minimum of z site benchmarks <br />and reference their location upon the prepared drawing. The horizontal datum (coordinates) will <br />be referenced to the Florida State Plane Coordinate System, East Zone, North American Datum <br />of 3.983/90 (NAD 83/90). The vertical datum (elevations) will be referenced to the North American <br />Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) and will be tied to published horizontal and vertical control <br />points throughout the project area. <br />The consultant will obtain topographic and limited bathymetric survey data (to wading depth) at <br />5o foot transects along the east shoreline of the Indian River south of Sea Oaks Boulevard as <br />depicted on Figure 3. (see attached). The locations and elevations of any significant shoreline <br />features will be collected using Real -Time Kinematic GPS or electronic total station. The existing <br />top and toe elevations as well as grade break features will be delineated as well as locating the <br />mean high water line throughout the project area. The limited bathymetric survey will detail the <br />rock placed at the toe of slope of the living shoreline, and extend 25-5o feet waterward to wading <br />depth. M&E will locate large (>8" dbh) native trees or tree drip -edge for tightly packed tree <br />