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N <br />PY <br />Indian River County <br />Purchasing Division4 <br />prath Drive <br />:1900 2 -Ph Street, FL.,33462 <br />8 <br />Veto'Beach., FL 92960. 5a 17G <br />Phone (771.) 22614416 <br />ADDENDUM NG.'l <br />Date; March 16) 2018 <br />Proje.d Name:, Gifford Area Starmwatet Project (IRC -1502) <br />�Wid Numbe.V, 2018045 <br />Rid Openind Date: TUESDAY, March 27, 2018 at -2 00 -p.m.., <br />This addendum. is released to answer questions "received to date. All information provided 'herein it hereby <br />t b s�o�mift d'to,r) no. later <br />'Incorporated into. the bid documents: AdV fUrth0`qUe"t" ' ' <br />s. ions must. et —e <br />fhan.-8:00-a.m. Monday, March 19,.2018. <br />Plea$ -6 see the following nine ;(9) questions: and answers: <br />,1,., Question: Is thore.a project esiimate, forthl's lob7 <br />Answer:; The," project estimate is$205,804.064' <br />-Question: is this a k(mp`sum.or,unit cost bid? <br />Ans�worV. This isa unit cost project." <br />3. 'Question: 'What permits are required? <br />Answen F r this <br />Ort project,. Indian River County is exempt from Indian RiveeWOef Control :Districtand St.. <br />johhs River Water Managern , ent District -,permit requiremehts� All other porffi'itt-are,'.thq rqspp%nsibjj4:'of <br />the contractor. <br />e <br />4. Question: Whols. on: paying y <br />Answer; Contractor shall' be, responsible for :all 'quality . control t6Stihg (per MOT Sp0tiffeations.) as <br />established lnlhe. contract: documents. <br />bcuments. CostO, this: testin :sh .,0,. <br />0 allbeindu ed in qqqit,ftmbt. cost. Indian, <br />'Rlver. County -will be, Verifitaflon'tesfingi <br />5, -Qwastipiv: Can we: keep each.intersecdon closed for the duration ofthe, pipe� crossing? <br />Answer�i You will, need to submityou . r MOT plan to the IRC;Ttaffilc EngneeringDiviSioii for acceptance - <br />!or <br />to establishing a. work,zone; one Gane shall be open. at-m[timesv <br />6. Questiori:00 only erosion Control shown if for'! - rilet protection. Are we also placing.a siltf ence at,thefi h <br />ght <br />of way:where we, are constructing swla les? <br />p WbI0for'8,W'P P, d V!1g, all,. <br />ArisWqm 'Silt fence shall be installed as.needed. Conteadof ShAhbb re5-0n., P aomeeting <br />NP -DES -requirements, while utilizing ' ' b- (BWs)' This i�'a lumpisum pay ritem,,as: <br />: best <br />- <br />.such;, Contractor is responsible fo--r es tablishing. Means and method and costs' for, meeting contractual <br />16 rnerit <br />gal requirement; <br />F,VubridWorkAENGINEERING DIV150N:PR6kcjfs\1502-E affQrobrai'nag Isi-St to.49.rd, S,A,Admihi\bid documents\Adddhdums\2018045 Addendum :l IRC - <br />1 502.docx, <br />I <br />