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N <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />TO:' James Chandler MEMORANDUM <br />County Administrator <br />THROUGH: James W. Davis, P.E. <br />Public Works Directo <br />Christopher J. Kafer, P. . <br />County Engineer <br />FROM: William M. Napier, SR , SRA���� <br />Right -of -Way Agent <br />SUBJECT: Right -of -Way Acquisition <br />Street SW Improvements <br />Proposed Exchange of Land <br />Indian River County and Gerald L. Bechtold <br />DATE: February ti 2001 <br />QE$CRIPTION AND ONDITIONS <br />Additional right-of-way of sixty feet (60') along the north side of 51" Street SW is needed <br />for proposed road improvements. The Seller has executed a contract through which the <br />additional right-of-way can be acquired, if the Board authorizes an exchange of County <br />°t21ro1 e was tosed value nthe local lseon February nd for the right-of-way. <br />and 1th 200have deterosed mined nd thathe of the two pacnewspaper <br />s <br />equal. <br />The parcel owned by the County, is a small portion of the old stump dump located west of <br />43' Avenue between 5 Street SW and the south relief canal. This parcel is adjacent to <br />property owned by Mr. Bechtold. The contract discloses in writing that the County property <br />was once used as a stump dump, and no warranty is made as to the environmental <br />integrity or cleanliness of the property. I have also discussed this fact with Mr. Bechtold <br />and he believes the history of the property will not affect his planned use of it. <br />There are no appraisal or attorney fees, and no further conditions of the contract. <br />RECOMMENDATIONS AND FUNDING <br />Staff recommends the Board of County Commissioners approve for adoption, the <br />accompanying Resolution and authorize the Chairman to execute the Contract, Resolution, <br />and the County Deed which will be exchanged for a deed conveying the right-of-way. <br />ATTACHMENT <br />1) Contract and Exhibits "B" and "D" <br />2) Resolution and Exhibits "B" and "D" PLegal <br />ver county Approved Date <br />3) County Deed Conveying County Land tion <br />4) Copy of County & Property Owner's Deeds <br />P� <br />DISTRIBUTION • _. ,�_ <br />.Terry B. Thompson, P.E., Capital Projects Manager Risk Manegement <br />Gerald L. Bechtold Department q p1 <br />APPROVED AGENrfA ITEM <br />Division <br />FOR FabtraLary 20, 2001 /Z� <br />