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evaluate the appropriateness of costs to the Agreement pursuant to State and Federal guidelines <br />(including cost allocation guidelines), as appropriate. This information, when requested, must be <br />provided within thirty (30) calendar days of such request. The Grantee may also be required to <br />submit a cost allocation plan to the Department in support of its multipliers (overhead, indirect, <br />general administrative costs, and fringe benefits). State guidelines for allowable costs can be <br />found in the Department of Financial Services' Reference Guide for State Expenditures at <br /> guide/. <br />F. i. The accounting systems for all Grantees must ensure that these funds are not commingled <br />with funds from other agencies. Funds from each agency must be accounted for <br />separately. Grantees are prohibited from commingling funds on either a program -by - <br />program or a project -by -project basis. Funds specifically budgeted and/or received for <br />one project may not be used to support another project. Where a Grantee's, or <br />subrecipient's, accounting system cannot comply with this requirement, the Grantee, or <br />subrecipient, shall establish a system to provide adequate fund accountability for each <br />project it has been awarded. <br />If the Department finds that these funds have been commingled, the Department shall <br />have the right to demand a refund, either in whole or in part, of the funds provided to the <br />Grantee under this Agreement for non-compliance with the material terms of this <br />Agreement. The Grantee, upon such written notification from the Department shall <br />refund, and shall forthwith pay to the Department, the amount of money demanded by the <br />Department. Interest on any refund shall be calculated based on the prevailing rate used <br />by the State Board of Administration. Interest shall be calculated from the date(s) the <br />original payment(s) are received from the Department by the Grantee to the date <br />repayment is made by the Grantee to the Department. <br />iii. In the event that the Grantee recovers costs, incurred under this Agreement and <br />reimbursed by the Department, from another source(s), the Grantee shall reimburse the <br />Department for all recovered funds originally provided under this Agreement. Interest on <br />any refund shall be calculated based on the prevailing rate used by the State Board of <br />Administration. Interest shall be calculated from the date(s) the payment(s) are recovered <br />by the Grantee to the date repayment is made to the Department by the Grantee. <br />Section 5. of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: <br />REPORTS: <br />A. The Grantee shall utilize Attachment D, Progress Report Form, to describe the work performed <br />during the reporting period, problems encountered, problem resolutions, scheduled updates, and <br />proposed work for the next reporting period. Quarterly reports shall be submitted to the <br />Department's Grant Manager no later than twenty (20) calendar days following the completion of <br />the quarterly reporting period. It is hereby understood and agreed by the parties that the term <br />"quarterly" shall reflect the calendar quarters ending March 31, June 30, September 30 and <br />December 31. The Department's Grant Manager shall have thirty (30) calendar days to review the <br />required reports and deliverables submitted by the Grantee. <br />B. The Grantee will identify the expected return on investment for this project and provide this <br />information to the Governor's Office of Policy and Budget (OPB) within three months of <br />execution of this Agreement. For each full calendar quarter thereafter, the Grantee will provide <br />quarterly update reports directly to OPB, no later than 20 days after the end of each quarter, <br />documenting the positive return on investment to the state that results from the Grantee's project <br />and its use of funds provided under this Agreement. Quarterly reports will continue until the <br />Grantee is instructed by OPB that no further reports are needed, or until the end of this Agreement, <br />whichever occurs first. All reports shall be submitted electronically to OPB at <br />DEP Agreement No. S0839, Amendment No. 1, Page 3 of 7 <br />