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sixty (60) calendar days following the completion date of the Agreement, to assure the availability <br />of funds for payment. All work performed pursuant to Attachment A must be performed on or <br />before the completion date of the Agreement, and the subsequent sixty-day period merely allows <br />the Grantee to finalize invoices and backup documentation to support the final payment request. <br />D. The State Chief Financial Officer requires detailed supporting documentation of all costs under a <br />cost reimbursement agreement. The Grantee shall comply with the minimum requirements set <br />forth in Attachment C, Contract Payment Requirements. The Payment Request Summary <br />Form shall be accompanied by supporting documentation and other requirements as follows for <br />each deliverable: Reimbursement shall be limited to the following budget categories: <br />Contractual (Subcontractors) — Reimbursement requests for payments to subcontractors <br />must be substantiated by copies of invoices with backup documentation identical to that <br />required from the Grantee. Subcontracts which involve payments for direct salaries shall <br />clearly identify the personnel involved, salary rate per hour, and hours spent on the <br />project. All multipliers used (i.e., fringe benefits, overhead, indirect, and/or general and <br />administrative rates) shall be supported by audit. If the Department determines that <br />multipliers charged by any subcontractor exceeded the rates supported by audit, the <br />Grantee shall be required to reimburse such funds to the Department within thirty (30) <br />calendar days of written notification. Interest on the excessive charges shall be calculated <br />based on the prevailing rate used by the State Board of Administration. Subcontracts, <br />which involve equipment purchases as part of an installation/retrofit or that include <br />infrastructure and/or infrastructure improvements, as defined in Florida Chief Financial <br />Officer (CFO) Memorandum No. 5 (2011-2012), must be capitalized in accordance with <br />Chapter 69I-72, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). The Grantee shall be responsible <br />for maintaining appropriate property records for any subcontracts that include the <br />purchase of equipment as part of the delivery of services. The Grantee shall comply with <br />this requirement and ensure its subcontracts issued under this Agreement, if any, impose <br />this requirement, in writing, on its subcontractors. <br />For fixed-price (vendor) subcontracts, the following provisions shall apply: <br />a. The Grantee may award, on a competitive basis, fixed-price subcontracts to <br />consultants/contractors in performing the work described in Attachment A. <br />Invoices submitted to the Department for fixed-price subcontracted activities <br />shall be supported with a copy of the subcontractor's invoice and a copy of the <br />tabulation form for the competitive procurement process (i.e., Invitation to Bid <br />or Request for Proposals) resulting in the fixed-price subcontract. <br />The Grantee may request approval from the Department to award a fixed-price <br />subcontract resulting from procurement methods other than those identified in <br />the paragraph above. In this instance, the Grantee shall request the advance <br />written approval from the Department's Grant Manager of the fixed price <br />negotiated by the Grantee. The letter of request shall be supported by a detailed <br />budget and Scope of Services to be performed by the subcontractor. Upon <br />receipt of the Department Grant Manager's approval of the fixed-price amount, <br />the Grantee may proceed in finalizing the fixed-price subcontract. <br />C. All subcontracts are subject to the provisions of paragraph 12 and any other <br />appropriate provisions of this Agreement which affect subcontracting activities. <br />E. In addition to the invoicing requirements contained in paragraphs 3.C. and D. above, the <br />Department will periodically request proof of a transaction (invoice, payroll register, etc.) to <br />DEP Agreement No. S0839, Amendment No. 1, Page 2 of 7 <br />