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Page 1 of 23 <br /> S'S -- 1 'A <br /> .. 4 '' ´┐Ży ' 567846.. <br /> ^.,'_ii 10 INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> t THIS IS AN AGREEMENT by and between the MEDICAL EXAMINER FOR <br /> DISTRICT 19, FLORIDA (Examiner), the DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br /> (the Board) of INDIAN RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE, a public <br /> educational institution (IRCC), and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, MARTIN <br /> COUNTY, OKEECHOBEE COUNTY, and ST. LUCIE COUNTY, political <br /> subdivisions of the State of Florida that collectively constitute <br /> Medical Examiner District 19 (the Counties), for the purpose of <br /> providing medical examiner services within Medical Examiner <br /> District 19. <br /> In consideration of the mutual advantages accruing to the <br /> parties, the Examiner, the Board, and the Counties agree as <br /> follows: <br /> SECTION 1. STATUS OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINER AND COUNTIES. <br /> (a) The Examiner shall be an independent contractor, not <br /> the agent, servant or employee of the Counties or any other <br /> entity or organization. As such, he shall maintain complete and <br /> total control of his employees, agents and servants. <br /> (b) The Examiner, or his designate, shall prepare and <br /> submit a total unified budget by April 1 of each year to each <br /> County respectively for the operation of the Medical Examiner <br /> District which shall be subject to approval of the Counties. As <br /> set out in Section 4, budgeted monies shall be paid directly to <br /> the Examiner for proper disbursement to entitled parties. <br /> (c) The Examiner shall comply with Titles VI and VII of the <br /> Civil Rights Act of 1964; Executive Order Number 11246 entitled <br /> m "Equal Employment Opportunity"; as supplemented by regulations of <br /> Z $ the United States Department of Labor (41 C.F.R. Part 60); and <br /> wU N .$ applicable Federal Regulations concerning non-discrimination on <br /> "O"'N m the basis of mental and physical handicaps. <br /> Y <br /> <z? : (d) The Examiner and the Counties shall comply with all <br /> : applicable provisions of Chapter 406 of the Florida State <br /> 8 Statutes, and rules and regulations of the Medical Examiner's <br /> V Commission. <br /> l (e) The Examiner shall comply with the Standards of <br /> . Accountability set forth in Rule 11G-4.06 of the Florida <br /> 4 <br /> Administrative Code, including: <br /> -1- <br /> O.R. 809 PO 2443 <br /> 9/7/2018 <br />