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Change Order #02 <br />PROJECT: US 1 Air Release Valve and 24" Forcemain Replacement <br />DATE OF ISSUANCE: September 28, 2018 <br />OWNER: Indian River County Dept. of Utility Services <br />CONTRACTOR: Johnson Davis <br />OWNER's Project No.: 2018-047 <br />You are directed to make the following changes in the Contract Documents: <br />Add remove & replace drainage structure (MES) and install valve boxes & pads. <br />Delete Force Account. <br />Reason for Change Order: <br />An existing drainage culvert's concrete mitered end section (MES) was found to conflict with <br />the temporary 12" by-pass force main route. IRC staff directed the Contractor to remove and <br />replace the MES. IRC Staff also directed Contractor to install valve boxes & concrete pads so <br />the by-pass tapping valves may be used for future connection. <br />The Force Account is being deleted for the Final Pay Request. <br />Attachments: See itemized schedule <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT <br />PRICE: <br />Time <br />Description <br />Amount <br />Original Contract Price <br />$124,000.00 <br />Net Increase (Decrease) <br />$128,658.00 <br />from previous Change <br />Orders No. : <br />(days) <br />Contract Price prior to this <br />$252,658.00 <br />Change Order: <br />Net increase (decrease) of <br />- $14,000.00 <br />this Change Order: <br />(days or dates) <br />Contract Price with all <br />$238,658.00 <br />approved Change Orders: <br />ACCEPTED: <br />=at <br />CTOR (Signature) <br />1q, <br />CHANGE IN CONTRACT TIMES <br />Description <br />Time <br />Original Contract Time: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Net change from previous Change <br />Orders No.: <br />(days) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Contract Time prior to this Change <br />Order: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Net increase (decrease) this <br />Change Order: <br />(days or dates) <br />Substantial Completion: <br />Final Completion: <br />Contract Time with all approved <br />Change Orders: <br />(dayts&���a#refi�i <br />Substantial Completion: <br />; o� <br />Final Completion: <br />RECOM NDED: <br />lities Engineer ( W nature) <br />i ) <br />Date: /G QZ/.6 <br />APPROVED: <br />OWNER Peter D. O181!1yari <br />Chairman <br />Date: Ortoher 16, 2018 <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM <br />ANIS LSGAI,. SUFF101=NOY <br />el- <br />F:\Utililies\UTILITY - Engineenng\Projects - Capital Projects\18-0125 ARV Replacement - US 1 FM\Construction\Cgasq� Orde 942 - Chane Order 02 <br />00942 - Change Order 02.docx e T <br />00942-1 PLAN REINGOLD <br />J9e)wM-rY AT TSMNEY <br />W. <br />R <br />C <br />