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Microsoft Volume Licensing <br />Program Signature Form <br />MB/VMBSA number <br />Agreement number 01 E73902 <br />Note: Enter the applicable active numbers associated with the documents below. Microsoft <br />requires the associated active number be indicated here, or listed below as new. -4 <br />F,i, the purposes of th4Y(6"-' 'Customer" can mean- the signing. *il <br />Ry <br />Government Paruter op,. or other party entering into,.",a . ,;v i `—,licensing <br />This signature form and all contract documents identified in the table below are entered into hPtWn( <br />the Customer and the Microsoft Affiliate siqning, as of the effective date identified below. <br />�,,.i:onxract Emu e <br />Ente rise Enrollment Indirect X20-10634 _ <br />Product .tion Form 0778924.003_PSF 0 <br />By signing below, Customer and the Microsoft Affiliate agree that both parties (1) have received, read c) <br />H <br />and understand the above contract documents, including any websites or documents incorporated by U <br />reference and any amendments and (2) agree to be bound by the terms of all such documents. <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM <br />AND LEGAL SUFFICIE <br />IBY <br />Program* Ig n Form (M 5 5 19n) (NA, La EArn) "Am"A RI h Pago I of 2 <br />QOWNTY ATTOMNEY <br />