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Optional 21 Customer signature or Outsourcer s)gnature (If applicable) <br />Name of Entity (must be legal entity name)' <br />Signature" <br />Printod First and Last Name" <br />Printed Title <br />Signature Date* <br />Name of Entity (must be legal entity name)` <br />Signature' <br />Printed First and Last Name' <br />Printed Title <br />Signature Date' <br />If Customer requires physical media, additional contacts, or is reporting multiple previous Enrollments, <br />include the appropriate form(s) with this signature form. <br />After this signature form Is signed by the Customer, send it and the Contract Documents to <br />Customer's channel partner or Microsoft account manager, who must submit them to the following <br />address. When the signature form is fully executed by Microsoft, Customer will receive a confirmation <br />copy. <br />Microsoft Corporation <br />Dept. 551, Volume Licensing <br />6100 Neil Road, Suite 210 <br />Reno, Nevada 89511-1137 <br />USA <br />ProgramSlgnFoan(MSSign)(NA latAm)Fx2RgMLI(FNG)(Aug2074) Page 2 of 2 <br />