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3. ASSISTANCE AMOUNT - The DISTRICT shall contribute ("ASSISTANCE <br />AMOUNT") no more than fift percent 50% ("MATCHING PERCENTAGE") of the PROJECT <br />SPONSOR'S eligible out-of-pocket costs for completion of this PROJECT ("PROJECT <br />AMOUNT"). Payment of funds by the DISTRICT to the PROJECT SPONSOR (the <br />"ASSISTANCE AMOUNT") will be on a reimbursement basis only, and only for those authorized <br />out of pocket costs as shown in Exhibit A, Project Cost Estimate ("PROJECT COSTS") and <br />meeting the requirements of Section 5 below and shall not, in any event, exceed $120,000.00. <br />Any modifications to the PROJECT'S Cost Estimate (Exhibit A) shall require written <br />advance notice and justification from the PROJECT SPONSOR and the prior written approval of <br />the DISTRICT. <br />4. MATCHING FUNDS - The PROJECT SPONSOR warrants and represents that it <br />has the PROJECT SPONSOR Match Amount (the PROJECT AMOUNT less the ASSISTANCE <br />AMOUNT) available for the completion of the PROJECT and shall, prior to the execution of this <br />AGREEMENT, have provided the DISTRICT with suitable evidence of the availability of such <br />funds using the DISTRICT's Form #95-01 (Exhibit C, Matching Funds Certification) and, upon <br />request, providing the DISTRICT with access to applicable books and records, financial statements, <br />and bank statements. <br />5. PROJECT COSTS - To be eligible for reimbursement under this AGREEMENT, <br />PROJECT COSTS must be necessary and reasonable for the effective and efficient accomplishment <br />of the PROJECT and must be directly allocable thereto. PROJECT COSTS are generally described <br />in Exhibit B, Chapter 6613-2, F.A.C.. PROJECT COSTS must be incurred, and work performed <br />within the PROJECT PERIOD, with the exception of pre -AGREEMENT costs, if any, consistent <br />with Section 6 below, which are also eligible for reimbursement by the DISTRICT. <br />If the PROJECT SPONSOR receives additional funding for the PROJECT COSTS from <br />another source that was not identified in the original application and that changes the <br />AGREEMENT MATCHING PERCENTAGE, the PROJECT SPONSOR shall proportionately <br />reimburse the DISTRICT's program funds equal to the MATCHING PERCENTAGE in this <br />AGREEMENT. The PROJECT SPONSOR shall promptly notify the DISTRICT of any project <br />payments it receives from a source other than the DISTRICT. <br />6. PRE -AGREEMENT COSTS - The DISTRICT and the PROJECT SPONSOR fully <br />understand and agree that there shall be no reimbursement of funds by the DISTRICT for any <br />obligation or expenditure made prior to the execution of this AGREEMENT unless previously <br />2 <br />