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delineated in Exhibit A, consistent with Exhibit B, and previously approved by the DISTRICT <br />Board during the grant review process. <br />7. REIMBURSEMENT PROCEDURES - PROJECT COSTS shall be reported to the <br />DISTRICT and summarized on the Payment Reimbursement Request Form (Form #90-14) attached <br />as Exhibit D. Supporting documentation including bills and canceled payment vouchers for <br />expenditures shall be provided to the DISTRICT by the PROJECT SPONSOR or LIAISON <br />AGENT with any payment request. All records in support of the PROJECT COSTS included in <br />payment requests shall be subject to review and approval by the DISTRICT or by an auditor <br />selected by the DISTRICT. Audit expenses shall be borne by the PROJECT SPONSOR. <br />Project funds may be released in installments, at the discretion of the DISTRICT, upon <br />submittal of a payment request by the PROJECT SPONSOR or LIAISON AGENT. The DISTRICT <br />shall retain ten percent (10%) of each installment payment until the completion of the PROJECT. <br />The following costs, if authorized in the attached Exhibit B, shall be reimbursed only upon <br />completion of the PROJECT to the reasonable satisfaction of the DISTRICT and in accordance with <br />Exhibit B: personnel, equipment, project management, administration, inspection, and design, <br />permitting, planning, engineering, and/or surveying costs. Assuming the PROJECT SPONSOR has <br />otherwise fully complied with the requirements of this AGREEMENT, reimbursement for a <br />PROJECT approved as Phase I project will be made only upon commencement of construction of <br />the PROJECT for which the Phase I planning, designing, engineering and/or permitting were <br />directed, which may or may not involve further DISTRICT funding. Procedures set forth below <br />with respect to reimbursement by the DISTRICT are subject to this requirement of commencement <br />of construction. <br />The DISTRICT shall have the right to withhold any payment hereunder, either in whole or <br />part, for non-compliance with the terms of this AGREEMENT. <br />8. FINAL REIMBURSEMENT - The PROJECT SPONSOR, upon completion of the <br />PROJECT, shall submit to the DISTRICT a request for final reimbursement of the ASSISTANCE <br />AMOUNT less any prior installment payments. The payment amounts previously retained by the <br />DISTRICT shall be paid upon (1) receipt of the Final Audit report of expenses incurred on the <br />PROJECT by the DISTRICT, (2) full completion of the PROJECT to the reasonable satisfaction of <br />the DISTRICT, (3) submission of Project Completion Certification Form No. 90-13 (Exhibit E), (4) <br />submission of a photograph of the PROJECT showing the sign required by Section 18, and (5) a <br />Final Project Report as described in Exhibit G, Assistance Project Schedule. As part of the <br />3 <br />