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EXHIBIT "A" <br />AMENDMENT NO. 1 TO WORK ORDER NO. 3 <br />NORTH COUNTY SEWER SYSTEM — PHASE ONE <br />CONSTRUCTION SERVICES <br />This Amendment No. 1 to Work Order No 3 has been prepared to amend Work Order No. 3 which <br />was approved by the Board of County Commissioners on December 20, 2016. Work Order No. 3 <br />involved Engineering Services in connection with bidding and construction of Phase One of the North <br />County Sewer System which was to have been totally completed by July 6, 2018. Our fee for services <br />,was based on Final Completion by July 6, 2018 but we were able to provide services based on the <br />contracted fee up to September 30, 2018. The additional services covered by this Amendment No. <br />1 to the project will provide for additional engineering services during the remainder of the project's <br />construction. The proposed scope of work is itemized below: <br />Scope of Work: <br />Construction Administration / Observation <br />Masteller & Moler, Inc. will provide engineering services during the project's construction and <br />completion process generally including the following: <br />Construction Administration / Certifications <br />1. Conduct periodic progress meetings (record and maintain meeting minutes). <br />2. Interpret the project documents (contract, plans and specifications) to help facilitate the <br />construction activities and to respond to issues raised by the Contractor. <br />• Analyze and address problems that arise (trouble -shoot). <br />• Evaluate value engineering change order proposals and provide recommendations to <br />Utilities Dept. for their direction. <br />• Evaluate change orders and time extension requests. <br />3. Review Contractor pay requests and provide recommendations to Utilities Dept. to prevent <br />delays and to facilitate prompt process by the County. <br />• Contractor's pay request will be submitted to the County with appropriate backup and <br />recommendations for payment and/or withholding of payment. <br />4. Process (catalog) and review RFIs and provide recommendations to Utilities Dept. <br />5. Coordinate and conduct punchlist procedures beginning with Initial Walkthrough (IW) <br />within five (5) days of Substantial Completion. <br />6. As -built reviews. <br />7. Project close-out procedures and Engineer's Certifications as required. <br />Upon satisfaction that items of work have been completed in substantial conformance with <br />the project documents, a construction completion package will be prepared and submitted <br />to the Utilities Dept. The package will include inspection reports; field survey data provided <br />Exhibit "A" -1 <br />