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RESOLUTTor i O. 81-42 <br />The Board of County Corr,issioner•s o= Indian River County, <br />Florida, RESOLVE: <br />1. That a petition has been filed by Dori Lloyd Allen and Joanne <br />C. Allen, with this Board, requesting this Board to renounce and dis- <br />claim any right of the County and the public—in and to a.11 lands or <br />interest acquired for street, road or highway purposes in that area <br />described hereafter: <br />That part of Orr Avenue as shown on the plat of the <br />Townsite of Roseland, as recorded in Plat Book 1, pp. 43, <br />St. Lucie County Public Records, lying between Gibson <br />Street and Roseland Street, said land now lying and beinginIndianRiverCounty, Florida. <br />The Board has determined that none of the street above desc `—! <br />now constitutes or was acquired for a state or federal highway ant, <br />none is located within the limits of any incorporated municipality <br />and the Board has declared that a public hearing would be held to <br />consider the advisability of granting the request and that a public <br />hearing would. be held before this p'j)rrd in the City Council Chambers, <br />City Hall, Vero Leach, Florida, at 9:00 r,.M. on the 17th day of <br />Julie 1981, at which time, persons interested may appear and be <br />heard. <br />2. This Board did publish notice of such public hearing one <br />time on Friday, May 22, 1981 in the Vero Beach Press Journal, <br />a newspaper of general circulation in said County, said publication <br />being at least two weeks prior to the date stated for the public <br />hearing as will more fully appear- by Proof of Publication thereof <br />filed in the minutes of Lhis meeting. At the time and place stated, <br />the Board did hold the advertised public hearing and all persons <br />interested were heard and this Board did determine that the street <br />described above is not 10c,ited within the limits of any incorporated <br />municipality and was not acquired for and is not now being rased for <br />state or federal highway. <br />JUN 171981 <br />I <br />BOOK 4 PnE 6.