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A TRUE COPY <br />CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE <br />J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br />2. Length of Agreement. This Agreement shall begin the date the agreement is signed by both the <br />Grantee's Governing Body and the Division and continue until all grant funds have been expended, <br />unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of Section 28 of this Agreement. <br />3. Expenditure of Grant Funds. The Grantee cannot obligate or expend any grant funds before the <br />Agreement has been signed by all parties. No costs incurred after termination of the Agreement shall <br />be allowed unless specifically authorized by the Division. <br />4. Contract Administration. The parties are legally bound by the requirements of this agreement. Each <br />party's contract manager, named below, will be responsible for monitoring its performance under <br />this Agreement and will be the official contact for each party. Any notice(s) or other <br />communications in regard to this agreement shall be directed to or delivered to the other party's <br />contract manager by utilizing the information below. Any change in the contact information below <br />should be submitted in writing to the contract manager within 10 days of the change. <br />For the Division of Library and Information Services: <br />Marian Deeney, Library Program Administrator <br />Florida Department of State <br />R.A. Gray Building <br />Mail Station # 9D <br />500 South Bronough Street <br />Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 <br />Phone: 850.245.6620 <br />Facsimile: 850.245.6643 <br />Email: <br />For the Grantee: <br />Elizabeth Stenger, Project Manager <br />1600 21st Street Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br />Phone: 772.770.5060 <br />Facsimile: 772.770.5066 <br />Email: <br />5. Grant Payments. The total grant award shall not exceed the amount specified on the "Fiscal Year <br />2017-18 State Aid to Libraries Final Grants" document (Attachment B), which shall be paid by the <br />Division in consideration for the Grantee's minimum performance as set forth by the terms and <br />conditions of this Agreement. Payment will be a fixed price in the amount of 100% of the grant <br />award as specified in Attachment B. Payment will be made in accordance with the completion of the <br />Deliverables. <br />6. Electronic Payments. The Grantee can choose to use electronic funds transfer (EFT) to receive <br />grant payments. All grantees wishing to receive their award through EFT must submit a Vendor <br />Direct Deposit Authorization form (incorporated by reference) to the Florida Department of <br />Financial Services. If EFT has already been set up for your organization, you do not need to submit <br />another authorization form unless you have changed bank accounts. To download this form visit <br /> The form also includes tools and <br />information that allow you to check on payments. <br />State Aid to libraries Gant Agreement (Form DLIS/SA02) Page 2 of 15 <br />Chapter 1132.011(2xa), Florida Administrative Code, Effective 07-2017. <br />