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j. <br />Prepaied by and retum to:. <br />City Attorney . <br />P.O. Box 1389 <br />Vero Beach; FL 32961-1389. . <br />ABANDONMENT OF UTILITY.EASEMEN.T <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2018,- .30 . <br />(20184UE-413) <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE. CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />VERO. BEACH, FLORIDA, ABANDONING ALL :OF THE CITY'S <br />INTEREST IN :.THAT CERTAIN UTILITY EASEMENT <br />DESCRIBED AS THE EAST TWO FEET,. OF . THE WEST .27.00 <br />FEET .OF TRACTS FOUR. AND FIVE, SECTION :THREE, <br />TOWNSHIP 33, RANGE 39 EAST; LYING NORTH OF THE. <br />MAIN RELIEF. CANAL. RIGHT-OF-WAY;. ACCORDING TO <br />....THE. PLAT OF. THE ..INDIAN RIVER FARMS COMPANY <br />SUBDIVISION AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 2, 'PAGE 25 OF <br />THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF : ST.. LU CIE- COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />:NOW SITUATED.. ANDLYING .IN INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,, <br />FLORIDA . PURSUANT TO : THE EASEMENT RECORDED <br />DECEMBER 30, 1970.' IN OFFICIAL RECORD. BOOK 371. AT <br />'PAGE 310 OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS. OF. INDIAN RIVER <br />COUNTY, _FLORIDA; :AUTHORIZING THE TRANSFER OF ALL <br />CITY INTERESTS. IN THE' ASSOCIATED SANITARY SEWER <br />FORCE MAIN; PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />WHEREAS, the City :of Vero: Beach: (`.`City") .has an interest in that certain utility easement: <br />located on :and, encumbering the real. property :described as the East: 2 Feet, of the West 27 Feet of <br />Tracts 4 and 5, Section 3 Township .33 South, Range 39 .East, lying North of the main relief canal. . <br />right-of way; according to the plat of the Indian River Farms Company Subdivision as recorded in Plat <br />Book 2 at Page 25 of the Public Records of St. Lucie County, now situated and.lying in Indian River <br />County, Florida,. pursuant to: the easement ("Easement") recorded. December 30, 19.70 in Official: <br />Record Book 371 at Page 310 of the Public Records of Indian River. County; Florida; and <br />WHEREAS, said Easement now lies partially within certain real property deeded by. the: City . <br />to Indian River County ("County") for: right-of way purposes via City.Deed, recorded September .18, <br />2015 in Official Record Book 2878 at Page 480 of the Public Records of Indian River County; and <br />WHEREAS, the State of Florida. Department of Transportation has: requested that, the .City <br />abandon its, interests in the Easement in.tonjunction with the County's road improvement <br />State Road No. 60 (20th Street) and along 43'a Avenue; and <br />WHEREAS, ,pursuant to section 2-373 of the Code of the City of Vero. Beach; the City may . <br />'abandon its interests, in an easement by the City Council adopting aresolution declaring the interest <br />abandoned; and: <br />Pagel of 3. <br />N:1Client Docs\Resolutions\Easemeni.Aband6nment12018-RE-413. County 10.9. 18 SB.doc <br />