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Paymentus <br />GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br />Definitions: <br />For the purposes of this Agreement, the <br />following terms and words shall have the meaning <br />ascribed to them, unless the context clearly indicates <br />otherwise. <br />1.1 "Agreement " or "Contract" shall refer to this <br />Agreement, as amended from time to time, which <br />shall constitute an authorization for the term of this <br />contract for Paymentus to be the exclusive provider <br />of services, stated herein, to the Client <br />1.2 "User" shall mean the users of the Client's <br />services <br />1.3 "Effective Date" shall be the last date upon <br />which the parties signed this Agreement. The <br />Agreement will not be effective against any party until <br />the said date <br />1.4 "Launch Date" shall be the date on which <br />Client launches this service to the Users <br />1.5 "Payment" shall mean Users to make <br />payments for Client's services or Client's bills <br />1.6 "Payment Amount" shall mean the bill <br />amount User wants to pay to the Client. <br />1.7 "Services" shall include the performance of <br />the Services outlined in section 2 of this Agreement <br />1.8 "Paymentus Authorized Processor" shall <br />mean a Paymentus authorized merchant account <br />provider and payment processing gateway <br />1.9 "Average Bill Amount" shall mean the total <br />amount of Payments collected through Paymentus <br />system in a given month divided by the number of the <br />Payments for the same month. <br />2 Description of Services to be performed <br />2.1 Scope of Services <br />Paymentus shall provide Users the <br />opportunity to make Payments by Visa, MasterCard, <br />Discover, E -check and other payment methods as <br />deemed necessary by Paymentus. Payments may be <br />made by Interactive Telephone Voice Response <br />Master Services Agreement - Absorbed <br />Confidential & Proprietary <br />System ("IVR") or secure Internet interface provided <br />at the Paymentus Corporation's web site or other <br />websites part of Paymentus' Instant Payment <br />Network ("WebSites"), collectively referred to as the <br />("System" or "Platform"). <br />2.2 Professionalism <br />Paymentus shall perform in a professional <br />manner all Services required to be performed under <br />this Agreement. <br />3 Compensation <br />3.1 No Cost Installation <br />Paymentus will charge no fees related to the <br />initial setup and personalization of its standard <br />service for both Web and IVR interfaces. <br />3.2 Paymentus Service Fee <br />For each payment, Paymentus will charge a <br />Paymentus Service Fee as per Schedule A <br />(hereinafter called "Paymentus Service Fee"). <br />4 Payment Processing <br />4.1 Integration with Client's Billing System <br />At no cost to Client, Paymentus will develop <br />one (1) file format interface with Client's billing system <br />using Client's existing text file format currently used <br />to post payments to Client's billing system. Client will <br />be responsible to provide Paymentus with the one file <br />format specification and will fully cooperate with <br />Paymentus during the development of the said <br />interface. If Client chooses to create an automated file <br />integration process to download the posting file, due <br />to Paymentus security requirements, Client will use <br />Paymentus specified integration process. Paymentus <br />platform is an independent full service fully hosted <br />platform per PCI -DSS requirements for a fully hosted <br />solution. As such, Paymentus platform does and can <br />function independent of any billing system integration. <br />A payment posting file can be emailed or downloaded <br />from Paymentus Agent Dashboard. If Client chooses <br />to have Paymentus platform integrated with its billing <br />system, Paymentus offers two options: <br />Page 2 of 8 <br />100205 <br />