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Paymentus <br />(i) Paymentus standard integration <br />specification that Client can use to integrate its billing <br />systems with Paymentus platform ("Standard <br />Integration"); (or) <br />(ii) Paymentus to either customize or <br />configure its platform to integrate with Client using file <br />specification or APIs supported by Client's billing <br />system ("Client Specific Integration") <br />If Client chooses Standard Integration, <br />Paymentus agrees to fully cooperate with Client and <br />provide its specification to Client. Paymentus also <br />agrees to participate in meetings with Client's <br />software vendor to provide any information or <br />clarifications needed to understand Standard <br />Integration. <br />If Client chooses Client Specific Integration, <br />Paymentus agrees to develop such integration at no <br />cost to Client, provided however, Client agrees to fully <br />cooperate with Paymentus and cause its software <br />vendors to fully cooperate with Paymentus. Client <br />agrees to provide all specification required for Client <br />specific integration. Client further agrees to <br />participate in testing with Paymentus and if needed, <br />cause its billing software vendors to participate in <br />testing. <br />Based on Client's use of Paymentus platform <br />and respective modules selected under this <br />Agreement, Paymentus will require the following <br />integration points: <br />(i) For one time Payment Module: <br />a. Customer Information —Text File or Real- <br />time <br />b. Payment Posting —Text File or Real-time <br />(ii) For Recurring Payment Module <br />a. Text File <br />(iii) For E -billing Module <br />a. Billing Data - Text File or Real-time link <br />to billing data <br />(iv) For ECM Module <br />a. Audience File — Text File for customer <br />engagement messages <br />Each of these can be based on Standard <br />Integration or Client Specific Integration. <br />Should the Client choose to change billing <br />systems during the term of this agreement, <br />Paymentus agrees to establish the requisite <br />integration with the new billing system at no cost to <br />the Client. <br />4.2 PCI Compliance <br />Master Services Agreement — Absorbed <br />Confidential & Proprietary <br />For PCI Compliance, Client has two options <br />for using Paymentus platform: <br />(i) Paymentus Fully Hosted Solution ;or <br />(ii) Any other configuration <br />To substantially reduce or eliminate any PCI <br />compliance risks and to render all Client systems out <br />of scope from PCI compliance requirements, Client <br />agrees to use Paymentus' fully hosted service where <br />Paymentus uses its own platform to capture <br />Payments and to manage the entire (end to end) user <br />experience from all channels for Payment <br />acceptance: Web, Mobile, IVR, POS devices, <br />recurring payments, Ebill Presentment ("Paymentus <br />Fully Hosted Solution"). If Client chooses any other <br />integration such as third party web pages integrated <br />with Paymentus APIs, third party gateway pages, or <br />its own IVR systems or POS solution not provided by <br />Paymentus, or a cashiering module from third party, <br />Client expressly agrees that Client shall riot be <br />exempt from PCI requirements and shall be liable for <br />any data breaches occurring at its own systems as <br />Client's recognizes that Client systems are <br />participating in the transactions and are in scope for <br />PCI compliance. Under such circumstances, <br />Paymentus shall not be responsible for any PCI <br />obligations outside of Paymentus own Platform and <br />Paymentus expressly disclaims any PCI or security <br />obligations related to Client systems or any third party <br />systems that participate in the payment transactions. <br />Paymentus highly recommends that Client <br />uses Paymentus Fully Hosted Solution to <br />substantially reduce its PCI compliance and data <br />breach risks. <br />If Client chooses to use any other option <br />other than Paymentus Fully Hosted Solution, Client <br />agrees and warrants that Client shall remain PCI <br />compliant throughout the term of this Agreement. For <br />clarity, just because Client uses PCI compliant <br />applications such as its billing software, it does not <br />eliminate the need for Client to be PCI compliant. <br />For clarity, if Client systems are participating <br />in payment transactions in any form, Client systems <br />fall within PCI compliance scope. <br />4.3 Explicit User Confirmation <br />Paymentus shall confirm the dollar amount of <br />all Payments to be charged to a Card and <br />electronically obtain the User approval of such <br />charges prior to initiating Card authorizations <br />transaction. Paymentus will provide User with <br />electronic confirmation of all transactions. <br />Page 3 of 8 <br />100205 <br />