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unanimously carried, said resolution was adopted. <br />R E S O L U T I O N - Bulkhead Line <br />A RESOLUTION LOCATING AND FIXING BULKHEAD LINE OFF SHORE FROM ANY <br />EXISTING LANDS BORDERING ON AND BIND IN THE NAVIGABLE WATERS OF <br />U INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA: PROHIBITING ANY FILL OR EXTENSION <br />!6'"`^' OF LAND BEYOND SAID BULKHEAD LINE: REQUIRING APPLICATIONS FOR <br />PERMISSION AND APPROVAL FRIM PROPER AUTHORITIES BEFORE ANY <br />FILLING OR DREDGING MAY BE MADE IN SUCH WATERS AND OTHERWISE <br />t REGULATING THE FILLING, DREDGING, DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF THE <br />U LANDS COVERED BY SAID WATERS. <br />W 0 <br />BE IT,.RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida; <br />SECTION 1 <br />That the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, does <br />herewith find and determine that the coastal and intracoastal tidal waters in the navigable <br />waters of the State of Florida and the lands underlying the same are vested in the State of <br />Florida toibe used and enjoyed by the people in a manner consistent with the public interest <br />and that the promiscuous and unregulated dredging and filling in these waters and upon these <br />submerged lands is in contravention of the orderly and systematic development necessitated by <br />observance of the inaldenable public interest and that any dredging and filling activity can, <br />unless conducted with the benefit of thorough investigation and planning, produce consequences <br />injurious to public and private property and detrimental to the resources of the sovereign <br />waters and submerged bottoms and that the Legislature of the State of Florida, by Chapter 57- <br />362, Laws of Florida, charged the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Floridi <br />with the initial responsibility of fixing the alignment of bulkhead lines within Indian River <br />County, Florida, beyond which there will be no filling and within which filling may be done <br />only with proper formal approval and that this Board has given due and careful consideration tc <br />all of the factors involved with a view of protection of the public interest after public hear) <br />of which at least thirty days prior notice has been given by publication of a notice of such <br />public hearing for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation in and <br />published in Indian River County, Florida, giving public notice of a public hearing pertaining <br />to the matters herein recited and that said public hearing has been held at the time and place <br />stated in said notice at which all arguatents for and against the same were heard and consideree <br />and that all of the provisions of the laws of the State of Florida have been fully and com- <br />pletely complied with. <br />SECTION 2 <br />A bulkhead line is herewith established in the coastal and intracoastal tidal <br />waters in the navigable waters lying within and off shore from any existing lands bordering <br />thereon in the County of Indian River, said bulkhead line being more particularly identified, <br />set forth and located on a drawing hereto attached, marked "Exhibit A" and as such made a <br />part hereof, and this Resolution, together with said drawing, -shall be recorded in the public <br />records of Indian Rivee County, Florida, in the Book of Plata of said County. Said bulkhead <br />line as herewith located and fixed in so far as the same pertains to that part thereof -lying <br />within the territorial limits of each of the City of Sebastian, Town of Indian River Shores <br />and City of Vero Beach located in said County has been heretofore fixed and located by each •. <br />9 <br />0 <br />� <br />I <br />