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boas 9 PACE <br />RESOLUTION <br />.,WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River <br />County, Florida, has heretofore determined upon its motion to <br />consider vacating, abandoning, discontinuing and closing the <br />following portion of the rights-of-way located in Ambersand Beach. <br />Subdivisions, Units # 1 and #2 and through other lands starting <br />at the South line of Inlet View Subdivision and running Southerly <br />to theSouth line of Section 33, Township 30 South, Range 39 East, <br />Indian River County, as hereinafter described, which rights-of- <br />way are no longer being used,as a public -road or part of a public <br />road, and to renounce and disclaim any right of the County and <br />the public in and to the land in connection therewith; and <br />WHEREAS, said Board in the acquisition of rights-of-way for ' <br />Highway ALA as it now exists agreed with the property owners in <br />said subdivision's to vacate any portion of rights-of-way running <br />Northerly and Southerly and not required for Highway Alk in ex- <br />change for their cooperation in the granting of free rights-of-way <br />to the County; and <br />WHEREAS, Highway AIA has now been completed and it is now.tima <br />for the rights-of-way that are no longer used to be vacated and <br />abandoned; <br />BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County, Florida in regular session, this the 7th <br />day of April, 1965, that it has therefore determined upon its 'own <br />motion to vacate, abandon, discontinue Snd close the hereinafter <br />described portions of rights-of-way of Ambersand.Beach Subdivisions, <br />Units $1 and $2 and -through other lands starting at the South line <br />of Inlet View Subdivision and running Southerly to the South line <br />of Sectioiâ–º 33, Township 30 South, Range 39 East, Indian River <br />County, which are no longer being used by the public and to renounce <br />