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7. INFORMATION ITEMS FROM STAFF OR COMMISSIONERS NOT REQUIRING <br />BOARD ACTION <br />7.A. Health Insurance Additional Health Advocacy Benefit effective August 1, 2019 <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8. CONSENT AGENDA <br />8.A. Checks and Electronic Payments June 21, 2019 to June 27, 2019 <br />Attachments: Finance Department Staff Report <br />8.B. FDEP Grant Agreement No. 19IR2, Indian River County Hurricane Irma Recovery <br />Project - Sector 7 <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />FDEP Grant Agreement 19IR2 <br />IRC Grant Form No. 19IR2 <br />8.C. IRC Jail Complex Roofing Replacement, Recover and Repair Project, IRC -1735, <br />Final Payment, Release of Retainage and Change Order No. 2 <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8.D. Release of Retainage - Work Order No. 9 Morgan & Eklund, Inc. Legal <br />Descriptions and Sketches for Beach Construction Easements <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8.E. Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) FY18 Edward Byrne Memorial <br />Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8.F. Award of Bid# 2019059 - Containment Coating at NCRO Facility <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Sample Agreement <br />8.G. Award of Bid 2019065 - 55 Ton Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8.H. Authorization to Increase Blanket Purchase Orders <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />8.I. Approval of Blue Medicare Advantage Renewal <br />Attachments: Staff Report <br />Indian River County BOCC #90000 2019 EGWP PPO2 Overview <br />Indian River County BOCC #90000 2019 EGWP Rx1 Overview <br />EGWP Master Agreement Template <br />July 9, 2019. Page 2 of 6 <br />