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2/14/90(SPB02)SPB/b <br />RESOLUTION NO. 90-23 <br />A RESOLUTION OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY PROVIDING FOR: <br />ESTABLISHMENT OF CIVIL <br />PENALTTF�Fati SPrTTFTC_SFFT I ONS <br />aF-TRF-ARTIW{L-�aATRbL-�6TA7{AFF . <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Indian <br />River County pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 828.27 has <br />adopted an animal control ordinance which provides for the <br />Issuance of citations to persons who have committed civil <br />Infractions in violation of the duly enacted ordinance and <br />which provides that the Board may establish civil penalties <br />up to $500 for violation of provision of the ordinance, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, as follows: <br />1. The County does hereby adopt the following <br />schedule of civil penalties to be imposed for <br />violations of specific sections of the animal <br />control ordinance; <br />CODE <br />SECTION <br />DESCRIPTION_ OF VIOLATION <br />1ST <br />2ND <br />3RD <br />Sec. <br />3-3 <br />Failure to vaccinate, <br />license, collar or harness <br />$25 <br />$100 <br />$200 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(1) <br />Failure to keep animal under <br />restraint <br />$25 <br />$50 <br />$75 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(2) <br />Animal creating nuisance <br />$10 <br />$25 <br />$75 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(3) <br />Failure to confine female <br />dog or cat in heat <br />$25 <br />$50 <br />$100 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(4) <br />Failure to confine or <br />restrain vicious animal <br />$100 <br />$200 <br />$300 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(5) <br />Failure to provide <br />adequate care to animal <br />$25 <br />$50 <br />$100 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(6) <br />Exposing poisonous substance <br />in common area or property <br />of another <br />$100 <br />$200 <br />$300 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(7) <br />Failure to notify owner or <br />authority of injury to animal <br />$25 <br />$50 <br />$75 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(8) <br />Teasing or molesting an animal <br />$25 <br />$50 <br />$75 <br />Sec. <br />3-5(9) <br />Failure to properly <br />confine or restrain animal <br />in pick-up truck <br />$25 <br />$100 <br />$200 <br />Sec. <br />3-6(c) <br />Violation of provision <br />of Chapter 825, F.S. <br />$50 <br />$100 <br />$200 <br />