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r4VA111A UPWAK MENT of COMMUNITY AFFAIRS <br />COMMUNITY SERVICES BLOCK GRANT APPLICATION <br />FEDERAL FISCAL YEAR 1989 <br />Page 1 of 11 <br />SUBMITTED BY: Economic Opportunities Council of Indian River County, Inc. <br />(APPLICANT) <br />Application is hereby made for funding through the Community Services Block <br />Grant under the Community Services Block Grant Act of 1981 (PL 97-35). as <br />amended, and the Community Services Block Grant Program Administration <br />Rule 9B-22, Florida Administrative Code, effective March 1984. <br />THE APPLICANT CERTIFIES THAT THE DATA IN THIS APPLICATIOr AND IT VARIOUS <br />SECTIONS, INCLUDING BUDGET DATA, ARE TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF HIS <br />OR HER KNOWLEDGE AND THAT THE FILING OF THIS APPLICATION HAS BEEN DULY <br />AUTHORI2ED AND UNDERSTANDS THAT I'" WILL BECOME. PART OF THE AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN THE DEPARTMENT AND THE APPLICANT. <br />Gary C. Wheeler <br />Name (typed) <br />Signature <br />Chairman of Board of County COmmissioners <br />Title: t� 4 <br />ATTESTED BY: Jeffrey K. Barton <br />Name (typed) -t,11 <br />Wgnatu - : � yf•. <br />Clerk of Court �! <br />Title <br />APPLICATIONS MIST BE POSTMARKED BY THE DIE DATE, FEBRUARY 1, 1989 AND <br />RECEIVED NO LATER THAW CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON FEBRUARY 6, 1989 TO BE CONSIDEP.F.D <br />FOR FUNDINC. <br />Form:DCA/cas <br />89-I <br />