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�4--- <br />J y <br />t� <br />�r <br />rage 2 of 11 <br />COMMUNITY SERVICES BLOCK GRANT APPLICATION <br />FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS <br />FEDERAL FISCAL YEAR 1989 <br />aaaaaa///��/aa�r./aaaaaaaraaaaaaa.aaaaaaraasaaraa=•�rea�aataa/aaaaaaaaaaa/.aa.aa.a... <br />POSTMARK DATE: FOP. ACA USE ONLY <br />DATE RECEIVED: CONTRACT N0: <br />ALLOCATION AMOUNT $ <br />REl'1SIOt1 RECD: CASH MATCH$ IN -KINDS <br />DATE APPROVED: FROM TO <br />DCA CONSULTANT: 902 [ ] Si IXT D 6 R <br />rar�a=aaara�a.=�aa..a.a.aa.=saaa.a.....=aa.=a.aaaa=.a=a.aaaaaaaaa.aa/aaaa.ay...asaa.av <br />`. �/aaa.a.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....aaaaa..a.a...aaaaaa.aa=aaaa..a..a...a.aaaa.aa.asaa.=a.aarr <br />INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete all parts in this Application which are <br />applicable to your organization. If any part does not apply, write "N/A.". <br />Do not use white-out (correction fluid) on any part of this application. <br />a..=aa=a=aa.aaaaaaa■//a/.aaaa/.a...C..aa Wart ........... aaaa./=............. .......... <br />I. APPLICANT CATEGORY: (XJ Eligible Entity ( J Local Government <br />( Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Organization <br />II. GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATIOX <br />a. Name of Applicant: Economic Opportunities Council of Indian River County, Inc. <br />h. Applicant's Address: 1316 - 20th Street <br />City: Vero Beach, Florida Zip Code 32960 <br />Telephone: (407) 562-4177 County Indian River <br />c. -Applicant's Mailing Address (if different from above): <br />Post Office Box 2766 <br />Vero Beach, Florida Zip Code 32961-2766 <br />d. Chief Official or Executive Director's Name: Jean N. Strawter <br />Title: Executive Director <br />panic Opportunities Council <br />e. Name of Official to Receive State Warrant: of Indian River County, Inc. <br />Address: Post Office Box 2766 <br />Vero Beach, Florida Zip Code 32961-2766 <br />f. Contact Person: Jean N. Strawter Title: Executive Director <br />!tailing Address: Post Office Box 2766 <br />Vero Beach, Florida Zip Code: 32961-2766 <br />Telephone: (407) 562-4177 <br />g. Federal ID /.: 59-1144567 <br />Ak*�t*:t*i*irk,t**fiR�k*►*��k*�1***�rrt�R*tt*►t*,k*r11,t�,tl***,t*�1,t****,t��s�:��1��tt,tF*,t**,t*****►r.�: K�*#*f <br />I!I. SUBGRANTEE INFORMATION <br />a. Will these funds be transferred to a subgrantee? ( J Yes [X) No <br />b. Give the number of subgrantees included in this application: N/A <br />List for each (attach additional pares if necessary): <br />' Subgrantee Name: N/N <br />U/A <br />