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* RESOLUTION NO. 89 2 <br />PR- <br />-- <br />r <br />t <br />�Kl <br />3. 1f a check, warrant, <br />or other <br />orders for the <br />tiF <br />payment of money drawn in the Commission's <br />name exceeds the <br />�v <br />sum of three thousand dollars <br />($3,000), <br />said designated <br />�L <br />depositories are authorized and <br />directed <br />to honor checks, <br />r� <br />warrants, or other orders for the <br />payment <br />of money drawn in <br />Vice Chairman, Clerk of the Circuit Court, or Deputy Clerk, <br />listed below. Said actual and facsimile signatures appear <br />below: <br />(1) Jeffrey K. Barton– <br />Clerk of the Circuit Court— <br />A -' <br />(2) <br />Tan � ce–Vanda I I <br />Deputy Clerk <br />(3) Gary C. Wheeler <br />Chairman <br />(q) Carolyn K. Eggert <br />– <br />Actual <br />cs Ile' <br />Actuai 0--- <br />Vice Chairman l/ <br />4acs:1 e ------r,-& <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the above-named signatories <br />are hereby authorized to execute any and all signature cards <br />and agreements as requested by the respective banking <br />institutions designated as official depositories by the <br />Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County; and <br />2 <br />