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f mw L., <br />Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company one F.xst 1;rowvard .Blvd. 934.527.1E 16 phone <br />GR <br />Conulranrs ` Actuaries <br />Suite Spy 954.525:0083 Mr <br />Fr. Laudcrd.iIc,FL 33301-1304 mvww.gabrielroedereoni <br />November 29, 2015 <br />Ms. Diane Bernardo, CPA <br />Finance Director <br />Indian River County <br />Office. Clerk of Court & Comptroller <br />1840 25th Street, 3rd Floor -Finance <br />Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br />Re: GASB 45 OPEB Engagement Letter for the Indian River County <br />Dear Ms. Bernardo: <br />We are writing to. provide an .engagement letter for actuarial services relating to GASB 45 Other Post= <br />Employment Benefts ("OPEB"). By signing and dating this engagement letter, we and the Indian River <br />County C'County") agree to the scope, work product and terms described herein: This engagement letter <br />is fashioned after those commonly provided for auditing services. <br />Fully compliant .actuarial valuations will :be performed as of October 1, 2015, 2017 and 2019, as. well as <br />Various abbreviated letter reports as needed. For the fully compliant valuations; we will prepare formal <br />Reports including an Executive .Summary, tables or charts presenting the development of the results; <br />descriptions of all primary actuarial assumptions and methods, and summaries of the plan benefits. <br />The base Actuarial Valuation Report will. be .,performed assuming, that the current prefunded planwill <br />continue. 'The`Valuation.Report will present results of the implicit.and% explicit.subsidy provided by the <br />County to all employees. All Indian River County employees are covered under self insured medical <br />plan. The reports will. provide actuarial figures necessary for compliance with GASB Statement Nos. 43, <br />45, 74 and 75 for all OPEBs, presented in total; without any breakouts by enterprise fund or by <br />functon(program. Indian River County will be responsible for determining any such breakouts and for <br />the narrative material required for the Notes. <br />The work papers for this engagement are the property of Gabriel, :Roeder, Smith & Company (GRS). <br />While we may be requested :to make certain work. papers available: to auditors or to.regulators pursuant to <br />authority given by ;law or regulation; access to: the requested work .papers will be provided under <br />supervision of ORS personnel. 'Furthermore, upon request, we may provide photocopies of selected work <br />papers to regulatory agencies. These regulatory agencies, may intend or decide to. distribute the <br />photocopies or information contained thereip: to others, including other governmental, agencies. <br />Indian River County management. has responsibility for the financial statements and all representations <br />.contained therein._ Management also has; responsibility for preventing and detecting fraud, for adopting <br />sound accounting policies andestablishing and maintaining effective internal control to maintain the <br />reliability of the financial statements .and -to provide reasonable assurances against the possibility of <br />misstatements that are material to.the financial :statements. This responsibility extends to the use or <br />misuse of the results of our OPEB Actuarial Valuation Reports, presentations at on-site meetings and, <br />during telephone conferences. The Report and presentation materials may be provided to parties other than <br />Indian River County :only in heir -entirety and only with the;vermission of the County. <br />Upon execution of this letter of engagement, we will prepare an official 'and formal data. request Jetter. <br />The County will compile and transmit all employee and retiree census data as requested'in electronic form <br />