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crucial times and Conditions in *hick effective, able and. sincere leadership is ne0e60a4 <br />to our welfare; and <br />Isms S, We rbalixe that such leadership is being furnished by the ?resident of tke <br />United States and the. Governor of Florida and the members of his Cabinet and that each <br />u 'of said officials, In exerting hit full power and ability to meet the problems aon- <br />fronting our State and Nation and the Citizens thereof, without evasion and for the Pur401 <br />pose of arriving at the best possible solution for all of our people; and <br />WHETUSi it is necessary that these officials have the active and constructive <br />cooperation of all the people in working out said problems; rather than the destructive <br />criticisms now being attempted for the purpose: of embarassing said officials; therefore, <br />BE IT RESOLVEDthat the Bdard of 664#3ty Consissioaors of Indian River County, <br />Florida, in and on behalf of its Amberg and as representatives of the people of said <br />County, ' do herewith pledge our support to the R.ancarasleraakllm ?� Baa'eeveit President <br />of the United States, to the Honorable Rave Ch®lts, Soveraor of Ylorida, and to the <br />*ember$ of his ltbinet and do herewith earnestly request the citizens of this County t@ <br />earnestly and sincerely give their unqualified support to the said offloinlsi in their <br />constructive efforts to bring about solutions to our present problems. <br />k <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned. <br />ATTEST , Chairman <br />C ark. <br />• • • .. • • • — • W • • • • - — r • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • r �► .� • • • • • • <br />RONDaY.�DBCBWBR 18th 3„,., <br />The Board of County Commissioners In and for Indian River County, Florida, met in <br />special session at the Court Rouse in Vera Beach, at 14:0® o'clock A.M. Nbmday, December <br />18th, 1933, with the following members of the Board present: J .I.P.Hamilton, Chaimnan; <br />N J. D. Tongue; R. Be 1hdge; John Me Knight and Elwin A. N9lseth. Also present were <br />Niles Marren, Clerk and Adm. M Frick, Sheriff, <br />The Chairman announced the special meeting wan called for the purpose of discussing <br />the question of placing a.. road patrol on in this County for the next three months, or <br />longer, the Governor baying advised by wire that he wished this to be done, and such oth: <br />matters at may come befv* the Board. <br />Geo w 'lTa,ltere, representing Me D. Kerney appeared before the Board regarding trucks <br />used on Civil worksAdmin3stration �projects in thin County. <br />The Board advised him that it has no jurisdiction over C .W.A.p roj ecte and the <br /> titration of same. <br />It vas ordered that the RA ad ipe tendent be instructed to purchase 3b kegs nails <br />for use on wabasso Bridge. <br />(I <br />it was ordered that road Supto check over road from A.N.Hill's place. south to Glen- <br />dale Avenue and submit figures as to approximate cost of placing wase in a passable <br />condition. <br />It was ordered that Mrs Anna Rohr be allowed 82.00 •per month additional from the <br />Mothers Pension Fund. <br />The Clerk was instructed to advise the Governor that the Board was now in session <br />for the purpose of considering the placing of a. road patrol on in thi-s County, but had <br />no funds and not sufficient amount in the contingency items of the present budget with <br />which to do this and requesting suggestions., after waiting for a considerable tfine, <br />and thoroughly discussing the request and the situation as exists it was ordered that the <br />r- <br />1 <br />1 <br />