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�02 <br />The warrants so issued on the respective funds, being listed completely in the County <br />Finance Record as provided by law, reference to said record and the list so recorded, bei <br />made a part of these minutes as fully and completely as if the same were set out herein <br />in detail. <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the Board then <br />adjourned. <br />ATTEST: / <br />C 1 e r k. <br />man <br />ROMAY, APRIL 16th 1934. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />Court House in Vero Beach at 9:00 o'clock A.M.Xonday, April 16th 1934, pursuant to call <br />of the Chairman, with the following members of the Board present: J.J.P.Namilton, <br />man; J.D.Yongue; R.E.Mudge; And John R. Knight. Absent Edwin A. Helseth. Also present <br />were Miles Marren, Clerk and dim. M. Frick, Sheriff. <br />It was ordered that Deputy Registration officers in the several precincts be paid <br />the sum of .96.00 each, and where more than 24 names we placed on the Registration books, <br />such Deputies be paid at the rate of 25¢ per name. <br />Jas. W. Copeland, appeared before the Board regarding an appropriation to assist in <br />carrying on the Fair in Chicago during the year 1934. After considerable discussion, anc <br />taking into consideration the benefits derived from the Fair in 1933, the following <br />resolution was unanumously adopted. <br />RE'S0LUT I0 N. <br />WEERM, an opportunity is offered Indian River County to exploit, publicize, ad- <br />vertise and otherwise advance the horticultural, agricultural, industrial and commercial <br />interests of Indian River County, thru the display of agricultural products, dioramas <br />and other display materials by a public showing at a leading fair or exposition to be <br />held in the State of Florida during the tourist season of 1934-35; and <br />MHEHEAS, the agency best fitted to properly display and operate said exhibits for <br />said county is th&to de. Commission of A Century of Progress as appointed by the <br />Governor of Flori&C r.the I d's Fair of 1934, said Commission being also known as <br />the "Florida World's Fair Com,rlttee" of the Florida State Chamber of Commerce; and <br />CRUS, the Florida Exhibit at a Century of Progress in 1933 did, with the coopera- <br />tion of the State of Florida, exploit, publicize, advertise and advance the agricultural, <br />horticultural, industrial and commercial interests of the State of Florida during the <br />period of June 1 to November 19 19339 and as a result of said exhibit this state did <br />receiver more than 5-j miles, or 333,000 column inches, of"free newspaper and publica- <br />tion publicity and did deliver 294 radio broadcasts and did secure a registration of <br />Florida, prospects in excess of one-quarter million names, addresses and other valuable <br />date for use of civic organizations and the business interests of this state in develop- <br />ing tourist patronage, and did bring to this state during the winter season of 1933-1934 <br />many thousands of people who had never before visited Florida as the result of said ex- <br />hibit in Chicago; and <br />WHEREAS, the World's Fair will again be held in Chicago during the period June 1 to <br />November 1, 19349 and an opportunity will be offered this county to advance the agricul- <br />tural, horticultural, industrial and commercial interests of the county thru the loan of <br />the exhibits herein provided for, to the Florida Exhibit at the World's Fair; and <br />YIHEREAS, racetrack and gasoline taxes accruing to this county have been greatly in- <br />creased as a result of Florida's participation in the World's Fair of 1933; <br />NOW, THEIMPORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we, as and constituting the Board of County <br />Commissioners of Indian River County, do agree to employ as our agents, the Florida <br />Worl.db Fair Commission for 19341, as appointed by Governor David Sholtz, to act as our <br />agents in designing, preparing, exhibiting and operating the aforementioned exhibits for <br />display at a leading fair or exposition to be held within the State of Florida during <br />the winter season of 1934-19359 and that we provide the cost of said exhibits thru in- <br />clusion in either the publicity or agricultural fund of the Indian River Cdunty budget <br />for 1934-1935 an amount equal to five and five -eights cents (6-5/8g) per capita of <br />population as determined by the 1930 Federal Census; and <br />BE IT. FURTHER RESOLVED, that the exhibits herein provided for shall be loaned to the <br />Florida, Exhibit of A Century of Progress to be held in Chicago, Illinois, during the <br />period June 1 to November 19 1934 for display purposes; and - <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT WE, as and constituting the Board of County Comnissione3 <br />of Indian River County, on this date do .hereby subscribe and pledge for the foregoing <br />purposes, and hereby agree and promise to pay to the Florida, World's Fair Commission, as <br />appointed by Governor David Sholtz, thru its treasurer, James D. Ingraham, of Jackson- <br />ville, Florida, the sum of Three hundred seventy eight dollars (1378000), to be paid as <br />f ollowss Out of next proceeds of Rice Track Fonda. <br />RE SOLUT ION. <br />I- <br />I <br />1 <br />Fj <br />