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1 <br />1 <br />TUESDAY, MAY lot 1934. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach, at 10:00 o' clock A.. M. `i'uesday q May let 1934, with the <br />f ollowing members of the Board present: J .J.P.Hamilton, Chairman;J .D.Yongue; R.E.Madge; <br />John M. Knight and Edwin A.Helseth. also present were vim. V!. Frick, -sheriff 9 James It . <br />Vocelle, Attorney for the Board and miles Marren, Clerk. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />E. E. Sanderson, Court Reporter appeared before the Board regarding bill of 0170.50 <br />filed in the case of :State -vs- Harold G. Redstone. After some discussion he agreed to <br />accept §150.00 in.settlement which was agreed and warrant ordered issued in payment. <br />The following named persons were selected as Inspectors and Clerk of the several <br />voting precincts for the purpose of conducting the primary election to be held Tuesday, <br />June 5th 1934: <br />PRECINCT No. 1, HOSEI,AND. <br />L. Ashburner; Vi. H. Clark and q,.O.Gibson�, In�s+pectors, and H.C.Holtzelaw, Clerk. Voting <br />place designated at School House, <br />PRECINCT No. 2, "MAST IAX. <br />Archie Smith; A. M. Letchworth; and-S.A.Braswell, Inspectors, and P. P. Lawson, Clerk* <br />voting place designated: Sebastian Hall. <br />PRECINCT - No . 3, WABASSO . <br />J. L. Stinson; J. J. Gibbs and T. J. U,il, Inspectors, and w. L. Ieisher, Clerk. Voting <br />place designated: Community Hall. <br />PRECINCT 1b. 4 `INTER BEACH. <br />D. P1oyd; J. M. Andrews; and G. A. Wunk n, Inspectors, and S. R. Hamilton, Clerk. <br />Voting place designated: Sinclair Filing Station. <br />PRECINCT No. 5 , WORTH VERO BEACH. <br />H. C. Stevens; Axel T. Peterson and Sibyl Hearne, Inspectors, and J. S. McClintock, <br />Clerk. Voting place designated: Osceola Building. <br />PRECINCT kb. 6-A, SOUTH VERO BEACH. <br />L. A. Moeller; Oscar DuBose; and J. D. Baker, Inspectors, and Clark S. Rice, Clerk. <br />Voting place designated: Court House. <br />PRECINCT No. 6-B, SOUTH VERO BEACH. <br />B . H. Phillips; G. C. Bartlett;.and Dewey Reams, Inspectors, and Thos N. Stewart,(Slerk. <br />Voting place designated: Court House. <br />PRECINCT No. 72 0 S L 0. <br />Otto Hansen; Perry Helseth and Olaf Helseth, Inspectors, and ,Albert 0. Helseth, Clerk. <br />Voting place designateds Oslo Packing House. <br />PRECINCT No. 8, FELLSSRE. <br />H. Miipple; G. F. Green and P. H. 1cEachron, inspectors and W. W, Marris, Clerk. Voting <br />place designated: Cammunity Hall. <br />M. G. Mood, Fellemere, appeared before the Board regarding repairs to roads in that <br />vicinity. Commissioner Mudge advised that as soon as ,possible the roads will be repaired. <br />Mr. V4. G. Woods, also appeared regarding the financial condition of Mrs Jessie Yates <br />and a letter addressed to Chairman Hamilton about this case. No action was taken. <br />Walter Monroe Jr., appeared before the Board regarding alleged injury to his knee <br />while in the County Jail. it was ordered this matter be laid over for further investigat',on. <br />The bond of P. A. NcEachron, is Justice of the Peace, Dist. #3, in the sum of <br />$500.00 with Roy L. Xinney and R. Weigle, as sureties was approved. , <br />G <br />It was ordered that Eugene Nammnond, Roseland, be placed on the pauper list to <br />receive the sum of -V10.00 per month, until the further ordered of the Board. <br />The following resolution me introduced by Commissioner Edwin A. Helseth, who moved <br />its adoption: <br />WHEREAS, Indian River County, Florida, has no County stockade nor any facilities for <br />the handling of County convicts, and, <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of St-. Lucie County has indicated its <br />willingness to lease all the County convicts of Indian River County when and as it has <br />completed a County stockade, and, a <br />OH1EREAS, it would be to great advantage of the county of Indian. River so to do, <br />