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1 <br />1 <br />7 <br />u <br />1 <br />3 t URMY.. APRIL 7th 1936. <br />The Board <br />of County Commissioners in and <br />for <br />Indian River County, Ylorida, <br />met <br />at the <br />Court House in <br />Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A. <br />M. <br />Tuesday, April 7th 19361, with <br />the <br />follow- <br />ing members of the Board presents J. J. P. Hamilton, Chairman; frank C. Nicker®; it. E. ladge; <br />IS . P. Toole and Edwin A. Helseth. &leo present were Chas. A. Xitehell; Attorney, William <br />Prick, Sheriff and Miles warren, Clerk. <br />it was ordered that the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a newspaper published in this County <br />be designated as the official newspaper in which the delinquent tax lists for the taxes for <br />the year 1935 shall be published. <br />.A request was made for the repairing and painting of the bath house of the wabasso Bride <br />District, and it was ordered that the road superintendent take Over this work df.,ire-pairing <br />and painting this building. same to be paid out of the wabasso Bridge District funds. <br />The Rotary Public bond of Miss Rachel Brockenith, in the sum of $500.00 with The American <br />Surety Company, a corporation, as surety was approved, <br />it vas ordered that the following persons -be placed- on the -pauper -list of the County for <br />the amount indicated: <br />H. W. Williams # Vero Beach, @6.00 per month <br />H. A. Shearer, printer Beach 98.00 per month temporarily. <br />R E S O L U T I 0 H. <br />%he following resolution was introduced by Commissioner Vickers, who moved its adoption: <br />WHEREAS, the Board of Administration has submitted certain proposals of firms, indivi. <br />duals and corporations offering to sell to said Board of Administration certain bonds of the <br />County of Indian River and obligations assumed by said County, under the provisions of Hous® <br />Bill No. 309 Acts of the 1933 Legislature, and <br />WK`S, after carefully considering all of such proposals, and taking into considers- <br />tion the amount of funds available for that purpose, and the approximate value of said bonds, <br />it is deemed advisable and expedient to purchase certain of said bonds, and obligations, <br />to -wit: - <br />.one (1) Special x&B.Dist #4 band, dated July 1,1925, due July <br />1, 1941- at a price- of 68 flat as designated offering uA" <br />Three (3) Special R&B Dist #4 Bonds, dated July 1, 19259 due <br />July, 1, ,1939 being- -s.- 107=-108- and -109 ,.at a price of 68 -flat <br />as designated offering ABO, <br />One (1 ) special R&B Dist #4 bond, dated July 1, 1925 due July - <br />1,, 1932 being -,board; --Ha 344 at -a: prise, -of. 70, as .dasignatedl - <br />off a ring :, a C" <br />Two (2) St Lucie County Public. -highway bonds, 0 -dated Fab 1, <br />1920 due Feb 19 1945 at a price of 71 flet <br />THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Administration be requested to purchase the <br />foregoing bonds and obligations assumed by this County in accordance with the terms of.the <br />offerings as submitted. <br />'the foregoing resolution WAS duly seconded by Commissioner Mudge, and upon being put to <br />a vote the same was unanimously adopted. <br />The Board was advised that the contractor was now ready to start work on the construction <br />of the County Court House being W .P..A.Proj ect No. 4020-8, and it was necessary that Indian <br />River County employ a representative to be on the works as an Inspector on behalf of this County <br />and after due consideration on motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, it was ordered <br />that W. H. darns be employed as the borrowers representative and inspector on this work at a <br />salary of $35.00 per week, to be paid monthly by County warrant. <br />L. E. Davis appeared before the Board and made an offer to purchase the standing pine <br />timber on the lands recently acquired for Poor Farm purposes for the sum of *►150.00. After <br />some discussion it was agreed that the timber be sold to Mr. yavis in exchange for 7000 feet <br />of lumber in the following manner: 3500 feet of 2 x 89 16 ftt. and 3500 feet of 3 x 109 16 <br />f t, 850 heart lumber. <br />