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81 <br />4. <br />That the appropriation of County funds made by this resolution is pursuant to <br />Chapter 17,477, Laws of Florida, Acts of 1935, generally referred to as the 1935 Social <br />Welfare Act of Florida. <br />The Minutes of November 4th and 7th 1936, were read and approved. <br />.The <br />several bills <br />and accounts against the <br />County, <br />having <br />been audited, <br />were examined <br />and found <br />correct, were <br />approved, said warrants <br />ordered <br />issued <br />in settlement <br />of same. Such <br />bills and accounts being on file in the office of the Clerk Circuit Court. The warrants <br />so issued from the respective funds being listed in the supplemental minute book, as required <br />by the roles and practice of the State Auditing department, reference to said record and the <br />list so recorded being made a part of these minutes. <br />The County depository filed its monthly report of receipts and disbursements of the <br />various funds of the County, which having been audited was found to be correct. <br />There being no further business on motion made, secondad and carried the Board then <br />adjourned until Tuesday, December 15th 1936 at 2:00 o'clock P. M. <br />ATTEST: <br />6 <br />C 1 e r k. <br />lo <br />Chairman <br />rtl <br />TUE-3DAY, DEM BER 15th 1936. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at the <br />Court House in Vero Beach, <br />at 10:00 o'clock A. 11. Tuesday, December 15th <br />1936, in <br />adjourned <br />meeting with the following <br />members of the Board present: T.J.P.Homiltons <br />Chairman; <br />Frank C. <br />Vickers; R. E. Drudge; E. P. Poole and Edwin A. Helseth. Also present were Wm. Frick, <br />Sheriff, Chas. A. Mitchell, Attorney for the Board and Miles Warren, Clerk. <br />It was ordered that lairs Cassie Conniff, Winter teach, be stricken from the Mothers Pen- <br />sion list, as her husband has been discharged and returned from the Insane Asylum of the State. <br />It was ordered Mrs Eva. H. Vojtik, Fellsmere, be stricken from the Mothers Pension list <br />as she is now employed. <br />It was ordered Mrs M. B. Woodruff, Fellsmere, be placed ®n the pauper list to receive <br />the sum of $10.00 per month, until the further orders of the Board. <br />The Clerk filed a report with each Commissioner showing the number of bonds purchased <br />by this Board locally and also through the State Board of Administration. It was ordered <br />that all bonds and coupons purchased by thi s Board be delivered by the Clerk to the State <br />Treasurer, Tallahassee, for safe keeping with the State Board of Administration. <br />The bond of H. D. Hardagree, as Deputy Sheriff, in the sum of $1,000.00 with National <br />Surety Corporation, a corporation, as surety was approved. <br />The bond of J. M. Barnes, as Deputy Sheriff, in the oum of $1,000.00 with W. F. Craves <br />and C. G. Wilhoit, as sureties was approved. <br />The Bond of Frank C. Vickers, as County Commissioner, District -#l, in the sum of $2,000.00 <br />with Continental Casualty Company, a corporation was approved. <br />The Bond of George T. Tippin, in the sum of $500.009 as Supervisor of Registration, with <br />A. M. Hill and A. W. Young, as sureties was approved. <br />The tond of tem. W. Frick, in the sum of $2,000.00 w as nheriff, chael and <br />A. M. Hill, as sureties was approved. <br />It was ordered that the Road Superintendent be instructed to repair the roads West of <br />the City, of Vero Beach, near H.H.Heild's place as soon as possible. <br />