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1 <br />[7 <br />TUESDAY, NOVM1BER 1st., 1938. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met at the Court house in <br />Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, November 1st., 1938 in regular meeting with the <br />following members of -'the Board present; E. P. Poole, Chairman; S. E. Glover; C. S. Michael and <br />Albert 0. Helseth. Absent was Frank C. 'Pickers. Also present were Charles A. Mitchell, Attor: <br />for the Board, Wm. W. Frick, Sheriff and Douglas Baker, Clerk. <br />- The Board then proceeded to approve.the commissions due the assessor of `axes, W. R. <br />Duncan, from the various and several special taxing districts within the County, for commissions <br />00 <br />due for assessing the taxes and preparing the tax roll for the year 1938, and the following <br />bills having been audited on motion made by S. E. Glover, seconded by C. S. Michael and carried <br />were approved by the Board. <br />(Name of District or Fund Maintenance Interest and Sinking. <br />County Maintenance (less <br />Mosquito Control) 139.50 <br />County Int. & Skg. <br />Road & Bridge District # 1 7.93 <br />'Xabass6 Bridge District 8.18 <br />Vero Bridge District <br />Quay Bridge District <br />Mosquito Control District 73.08 <br />Atlantic & Gulf Special <br />Road and Bridge District 354.31 <br />Fellsmere Cross State Road 76.06 <br />Road & Bridge District # 4 311.14 <br />Fla. Inland Navigation District 29.70 <br />Sebastian Inlet District <br />22.37 <br />35.30 <br />Special <br />School <br />District.# <br />1, <br />23.02 <br />39.22 <br />Special <br />School <br />District <br /># <br />7 <br />31.09 <br />38.62 <br />Special <br />School <br />District <br /># <br />8 & 9 <br />36.89 <br />20.64 <br />Special <br />School <br />Districtf <br />11 <br />113.18 <br />222.42 <br />Special <br />School <br />District <br /># <br />14 <br />14.73 <br />26.66 <br />General <br />School <br />County Wide <br />296.86 <br />Special <br />School <br />District <br />.# <br />16 <br />22.42 <br />Overpaldl:, <br />$ 195.30 I. & S� <br />8.31 Maint. <br />8.31 Maint. <br />The .'idi=tes. _of __-August 2nd., September 2nd., 6th. ,and 30th. , also October 3rd. , 4th. , <br />and -12th. were toad aild approved. <br />Ron. W. R. Duncan, Tax !Assessor, in preparing his statement for commissions due him <br />on the 1938 tax rolls, discovered that he had been overpaid the sum of $211.929 therefore he <br />delivered to Douglas Baker, Clerk, his check for $211.92 and it was ordered that $195.30 be <br />placed in the Interest and Sinking Fund, that $8.31 be placed in the Vero Bridge District Fund <br />and that $8..31 be placedin the Quay Bridge District Fund, as these were the Funds and amounts, <br />from which the overpayments were made. <br />Mr. Ed Kersey appeared before the Board.and requested that a used Indiana Dump Truck, <br />Motor No. 30386, be offered for sale to the City of Vero Beach for the sum of $10.00 to be used <br />for WPA work, On motion made by C. S. Michael, seconded by S. E. Glover and unanimously carried <br />the request was granted. <br />Mr. C. C. Massey, Wabasso, Florida appeared before the Board and requested approximat <br />ly 400 feet of road be repaired near his place at Wabasso. On motion made by S. E. Glover, <br />rseconded by C. S. Michael and unanimously carried this request was granted, and Mr. Frank A. <br />Xhight, Road Superintendent was instructed to proceed with the work of repairing the road. <br />Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Jones, Wabasso, Florida appeared before the Board, presented ap- <br />plication for Samuel Edward Jones, their son, and requested that he be admitted to the Florida <br />